2015 New York Electronic Art Festival

New York Electronic Art Festival 2015  – A Summer Celebrat­­­ion of 21st-Century Art New York, May 18, 2015 – Harvestworks is proud to announce the New York Electronic Arts Festival (NYEAF), held biennially on Governor’s Island and venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Presented in partnership with the Trust for Governors… Continue reading

[May 22] Art Jones – Hypercartogram 2.0

Hypercartogram 2.0 is a surround-sound installation with projected video. It is a multichannel audio map of two urban spaces: Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn in New York City (USA) and Saddar Town, Karachi (Pakistan), punctuated by live action and animated video mapped onto a sculptural collage. Urban field recordings, eavesdropped conversations, and… Continue reading

[May 22 – July 20] Atmospheres and Accidental Ghosts by Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty

Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts is an episodic, multi-channel video and sound installation, which randomly reconfigures and activates a perpetually shifting selection of media drawn from the artists’ work and obsessions. Relying on chance and coincidence, this at times unruly and unpredictable piece generates elliptical narratives and enigmatic visual juxtapositions, as the… Continue reading

[May 22- July 20] Jess Rowland – Spambot Sound Tapestries

Spambot Sound Tapestries by Jess Rowland is an interactive sound installation/composition for audio tapestries which explores the hidden world of automated spam – endlessly loquacious, notably absurd, virtually inexhaustible.  Giving voice to the spambots, the sound tapestries act as a medium through which these abstract creations and sound itself become materialized.… Continue reading