[Jan 22] Max for Live: Building Audio and Midi Effects with Max MSP Jitter in Ableton

ALTERNATE CLASS – This workshop is intended for Producers and Sound Artists wishing to expand their knowledge of Ableton Live and start making their own Max for Live Patches and Effects. We will start with an overview of available Max for Live Devices and how different types function within an Ableton Live Set. We will build several of these “Max for Live Devices” from scratch to manipulate sound and midi in unique ways – stepping out of the effects built into the software. We will also look at how to integrate video into our sets for live, audio responsive VJ Performances. Continue reading

[Nov 24/25] A practical approach to developing large audio projects, for radio drama, sound art or sound installations.

After the overwhelming success of our current workshop with French sound documentarian Benoit Bories, we decided to offer a special workshop for artists, to work closely with Benoit on their individual projects in a small group setting. This workshop is geared towards artists who have already a professional or semi-professional practice in radio drama, sound art or sound installations.The workshop is limited to 4 people. Continue reading

[Nov 5-26] Computer Vision ONLINE Course

This three-week course will introduce the use of techniques in computer vision for creating interactive artworks and applications.. By using sophisticated algorithms which surreptitiously analyze video and camera streams to identify and track people, faces, moving bodies, and colors, we can add a playful–or slightly sinister–dose of interactivity to our work. Continue reading

[Nov 5/12/19] Workshop: A methodology of the sound recording and documentary sound writing.

This series of workshops is intended to people having already a practice of the sound writing and sound recording. It is conceived to give methodological bases concerning sound recording, sound sampling, editing and mixing to carry out sound creations documentary or more musical forms, radio drama, hörspiel or electroacoustic pieces. At the end of the session, the participants acquired a work method which they will be then able to use within the daily framework of their sound activity. Continue reading

[Aug 22 – Sep 12] Algorithmic Art I: 2D Interactive Visuals and Animation

WE USUALLY KEEP REGISTRATION OPEN FOR A FEW DAYS. This 3-week ONLINE COURSE is a hands-on introduction to algorithmic art. Using openframeworks, participants will learn how to create form, color, texture, and movement with mathematical functions and algorithms. But far from a math class, participants will be invited to experience functions as different brush strokes on a canvas, and algorithms as different creative processes, each evoking a different feeling. Continue reading