February 2024 News

2024 New Works Artist Residencies

Top, L to R: Amina Ross, Alice Shields, Bill Fontana, Ellen Pearlman, Katherine Young, and Jillian McDonald. Bottom, L to R: Lucie Vítková, Pat Badani, Senem Pirler, Adrienne Westwood, & Zeena Parkins

Harvestworks is pleased to announce our 2024 New Works residents! The following artists have been commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab: Amina RossAlice ShieldsBill FontanaEllen PearlmanKatherine YoungJillian McDonaldLucie VítkováPat BadaniSenem Pirler, Adrienne Westwood, and Zeena Parkins. To learn more about these artists and their work, see this post.

2024 Technology Immersion Program (TIP)

L to R: Raymond Pinto, Kwami Winfield, Weina Li, Umber Majeed, Chris Williams, & Lau Wai

The 2024 Technology Immersion Program (TIP) Scholars are working with Harvestworks to acquire the necessary skills, equipment, and research to use digital media in their upcoming works. This year, Harvestworks welcomes the following TIP Scholars: Raymond Pinto, Kwami Winfield, Weina LiUmber Majeed, Chris Williams, and Lau Wai. To learn more about these artists and their work, see the TIP 2024 webpost.

2024 Sponsored Projects

L to R: Victoria Vesna, AutomaticRelease, Woody Sullender’s avatar, Anais Maivel

Commissioned Works/Special Projects is our program offering financial and administrative assistance to individual artists. We act as a fiscal agent for those artists applying for grants from federal and state programs and private foundations. Through this program, Harvestworks helps to develop collaborative projects between artists, and assists with the presentation of their work. In 2024, our sponsored projects are funded by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature. This year, Harvestworks is supporting the projects of: Victoria Vesna, Amy Mascena and AutomaticRelease, Woody Sullender, and Anaïs Maivel (in collaboration with Alarm Will Sound). To learn more about these artists and the projects they will be presenting, visit this page.

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