[FROM OUR ARCHIVE] Tower Hollers by Nadine Robinson

Nadine Robinson received the Harvestworks Artist In Residence Award in 2000 for the completion of the audio portion of an audio/painting installation project entitled Tower Hollers.

About this sound installation, it has four 14-minute records, four turntables, 90 speakers, and acrylic on Canvas.

Installation Photo

The audio soundtrack is a chorus of voices of protest and labor to represent the blue collar and service employees of the World Trade Center. Synthetic sounds related to black history are mixed through speakers, expressing political, social, and blackness messages.

Nadine changing records at the exhibition of Tower Hollars
Photo of the Artist by Chris Sanders

Nadine Robinson is an artist who sees the social phenomenon critically and expresses her ideas through installations, pieces, or events. Also, she is known as a conceptual artist who works with light and sound. Over the years, she has created a sound installation, sculptures, and “sonic paintings” All of her works are based on race, culture, and music. Among her works are Das Hochzeitshaus (The Wedding House), Black Listing (Longwood Arts Projects), Conclusion of the System of Things, and Tower Hollers.

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