[July 7] Hans Schüttler: Talking Sounds / Workshop & Performance

In this workshop, fluxus influenced German composer Hans Schüttler will create a live radio drama based on experimental poet Ernst Jandl’s sound poem “Eating”. Up to 12 participants will create an evening length piece using kitchen devices, food items, musical instruments, and more. The participants and listeners witness a live radio drama, in which voice, sounds, noise and music equally have a role in the creation. This event is part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival.

[Jul 7 2013] Hans Schüttler: Talking Sounds / Workshop & Performance

Workshop by Hans Schüttler (Germany)
Sun, Jul 7 2013, noon – workshop
Sun, Jul 7 2013, 6pm – public performance

Harvestworks – www.harvestworks.org
596 Broadway, #602 | New York, NY 10012 | Phone: 212-431-1130
Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R Prince, 6 Bleeker

The radio drama is a dramatized play with different actors speaking different roles, plus sounds and music. With its emphasis on sound, and in experimental radio plays and non-linear storytelling the borders between radio drama and sound art are fluid. Hans Schüttler, composer and radio drama producer from Germany, will conduct a workshop in which the participants create a work based on Ernst Jandl’s sound poem “Eating”.

Ernst Jandl was an Austrian experimental poet deeply influenced by Dada. In his sound poems he often uses the vowels and consonants to invoke the sounds of the story. In his poem “schtzngrmm” (his take on the German word for “trenches”) the listener feels and hears the sounds of war, told solely with sounds derived from the combination of letters and syllables. Hans Schüttler is a composer with strong roots in the fluxes movement, who has chosen Jandl’s sound poem “Essen” (“Eating”) for this workshop. Together with the workshop participants they will create an evening length piece using kitchen devices, food items, musical instruments (broken or not), funny noise makers and various other contraptions amplified with contact microphones, and many other devices the participants might bring.

The participants and listeners witness a live radio drama, in which voice, sounds, noise and music equally have a role in the creation. Participants do not need to have experience in performance or music, but need to come with an open mind, and are having fun experimenting with sounds.

The workshop is limited to 12 people. RSVP to hanst@harvestworks.org
Participants are encouraged to bring kitchen devices. Email us if you have questions.

The workshop starts at noon, the public performance is at 6pm.

“That guy was the only one who ever got me to walk across a stage barking, pulling along a vacuum cleaner like a doggy on a leash”. – Hans Tammen

Hans Schüttler produces radio dramas for German public radio WDR, DeutschlandRadio Berlin, NDR, and others. He has produced radio dramas for writers such as Günther Eich and Vladimir Grossman, but also his own productions in various genres. As an audio artist he also created works for theater productions and audio books.

schüttler3Hans Schüttler studied piano with Nicolai Posnjakow, and currently teaches at the Universities of Kassel, Rostock and Halle. As a pianist and composer he worked together with a wide range of artists such as Manos Tsangaris, Dieter Schnebel, Barry Guy, Dror Feiler, Anthony Braxton, Howard Johnson, Jay Oliver, Jimmy Carl Black, Dangaa Khosbayar Hosoo, Ge Suk Yeo, Kuyn Dong Yeo. His sound installations can be heard at locations such as Berlin’s Charlottenburg Castle, Art Museum Wolfsburg, and others.

As a composer deeply influenced by the fluxes movement, he regularly invokes the spirit of the fluxes movement in his works. John Cage’s piano concert was reimagined as a piece for construction machinery (Fluxus Festival), a piece for children’s choir and cellphones (Hamburg City Hall), works for vacuum cleaner (Schiller Opera Hamburg) and for electronics, dance, choir and cucumbers (Commissioned by the City of Stade for the festivities honoring the closing of the Stade nuclear reactor) and many others attest to the creativity and originality of Hans Schüttler’s works.

“Nothing in Hans Schüttler’s solo concerts may be too ordinary, otherwise the fascination and power of the sounds could be destroyed” – Hamburger Abendblatt

Sounds: http://www.hansschuettler.de/sounds/audio/

Videos: http://www.hansschuettler.de/sounds/video/


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