[Aug. 31] Intern Presentation: Instruments Of Choice

Eight performers, four pieces, one show. This concert consists of a variety of artistic performances. Live electronics, visuals, acoustic and electronic instruments all come together and create an hour-long show. There are three solo performances and one band performance. The over-all theme of the evening is the interplay between humans and their instruments of choice. Continue reading

2013 New York Electronic Art Festival

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center announces the 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival in collaboration with River to River Festival, Trinity Wall Street, The Lower East Side Girls Club, The New York Hall of Science, The Hells Kitchen Cultural Center, Electronic Music Foundation and other partners. The festival is a… Continue reading

[Video] Perfect Paul: On Freedom of Facial Expression

Perfect Paul is a sequel to my (in)famous Huge Harry lecture/ performance in which a digital persona lectures on computer to human communication. This new lecture/ performance, in a highly condensed fashion, will present the results of my recently completed doctoral artistic research entitled: “Facial Hacking: The Twisted Logic of Electro-Facial Choreography.” Perfect Paul will demonstrate in a live computer versus human showdown the superior qualities of digital versus neural facial control. Perfect Paul, when performed for the first time in Bilbao, Spain won the Technarte 2012 Best Speaker Award. Continue reading

[June 3-20] Certificate and Independent Study Program with Stefan Tiedje / Berlin

Over 100 artists have participated in Harvestworks’ Certificate and Independent Study Program, that offers year-round individualized, in-depth teaching and programming services. Participants receive one-on-one sessions tailored specifically to their needs and artistic goals, and take part in classes that fit their individual curriculum. For a limited time in June, we… Continue reading

[Jun. 5 – Jul. 31] Generative Art with Processing Summer Course

This 8-week class will introduce students to the wide world of generative art, starting with building blocks and theory and moving towards advanced topics over the course of the summer. Students will acquire methods for creating compelling artworks using algorithms and autonomous processes inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science. Applications covered will include generative graphics, data visualization, 3D design and fabrication, and interactivity using peripherals like the Kinect. The class will be taught in Processing but the concepts are applicable to other languages and tools. Continue reading

[Jul. 22 – Aug. 2] Telephone Rewired

Telephone Rewired is an audiovisual installation that probes and modulates human consciousness by rhythmically entraining neuronal oscillations in the brain to impact cognition. The installation stimulates the viewer’s endogenous brain waveforms into beta (focused attention), theta (deep relaxation), and alpha (calm awareness). After viewers don an electroencephalography (EEG) monitor, their brain rhythms synchronize into a neurofeedback loop and they enter the era of augmented cognition. Continue reading

[Jul. 20 – Sept. 2] Roden/Vitiello: The Spaces Contained in Each

The Spaces Contained in Each is a multi-channel sound installation based on recordings of “silence.” Sound and visual artists, Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello have collected pre-recorded works on vinyl that relate to themes of silence as well as their own field recordings of quiet spaces. For the installation at Saint Cornelius Chapel, these recordings will be mixed and spatialized as a response to the artists’ experience in the space. Continue reading

[Video] Phillip Stears: Imminent Shift

In this event at Church For All Nations, Phillip Stearns was exploring the physiological dimensions of electronic media reduced to their elementary components: light and sound. This event was part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival, in partnership with Church For All Nations and Hells Kitchen Cultural Center / Rhythm In The Kitchen Festival. Continue reading