[July 24] TELLUS at Montez Press Radio!

TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine will be featured this summer at the “Montez Press Radio”. For 30 days, 24 hours a day, content will be streaming live from the Mathew Gallery in Chinatown, bringing together artists/writers/DJs/musicians/critics/theorists to explore the medium of radio.

Radio and publishing have much in common; radio is a seemingly obsolete and limited method of communication, yet, much like publishing, it continues to persist despite the ubiquity of image based technology. This month long installation will encapsulate our specific moment in art, music, and media while also showcasing the work of historical and contemporary artists and organizations that inspire and inform Montez Press.

Tune in at 1 pm on July 24th 2018 or come by to hear cuts from the 27 TELLUS cassettes selected by Adrian Rew with commentary by Carol Parkinson.

Location: 46 Canal St, #2 (Open hours 11am-11pm )

Live stream: radio.montezpress.com

FM: TBA (24 hour broadcast, Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn) / WGXC 90.7 (for select programming, Hudson Valley)



About TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine:  Created in 1983 at the Rum Runner Bar on Canal Street in New York City visual artist Joseph Nechvatal, curator, Claudia Gould and composer and staff at Studio PASS Carol Parkinson met to discuss the idea of a magazine on cassette which would feature interesting and challenging sound works.

About Adrian Rew

Ergot Records label head Adrian Rew is a New York-based sound recordist known for his two albums of field recordings made in mid western American casinos. Named “Slot Machine Music”, they document – using gambler nomenclature – “the zone”, a state of inner experience during which the rhythmic flow of human-machine collusion borders on mysticism. Time is abolished in the act of contemporary video gambling ― simulated slot reels roll, virtual poker decks deal, and all worldly concerns are lost ― leaving only the aura of total zone immersion in its wake.

About Carol Parkinson

Executive Director of Harvestworks and Founding member of TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine.

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