[July 21] Meet Ursula Endlicher and Eva von Schweinitz

Artworks and Experience Lab

Exhibiting artist Ursula Endlicher and 2018 Artist in Residence Eva von Schweinitz come together to talk about their work.

Where: Governors Island, Nolan Park Building 8a

When: Saturday, July 21 2018, 3:00


Ursula Endlicher’s TWO COMPANION PLANTS reflects on the idea of “Companion Planting” in gardening and agriculture, which promotes the planting of different crops in proximity to one another for a variety of reasons including pest control or crop productivity. TWO COMPANION PLANTS transfers this beneficial planting style into the electronic world.

Eva von Schweinitz’ project THE SPACE BETWEEN THE LETTERS is a new multi-disciplinary, research-based performance project that investigates adult learning, the production of knowledge, and the socio-political fabric of education in the United States. Integrating recorded interviews with adult students and teachers, interactive video, live-drawing, and choreography,


URSULA ENDLICHER turns code into physical form. A media artist who has worked since the mid ‘90s with the Internet, she has translated the structural components, systems and interfaces of our Internet worked world into material formats. Combining her background in Fine Art, Theater Studies and Computer Art, she has built frameworks for Internet art, installations, objects and performances, with real-time data and code determining their layout and choreographies.

Among her most well known pieces is “html_butoh”, an Internet Art work and movement database for the HTML language, commissioned by one of the first leading websites supporting Internet Art, Turbulence.org. “Light and Dark Networks”, part of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s permanent collection, populated the museum’s website with different “data performances” driven by changes in New York City’s weather and air quality.

Endlicher’s performative installation “FAR-FLUNG’s (fx) form – Module 2”, presented at Eyebeam in NY in 2017, an “intelligent” space rewarded the audience with a re-enactment of their collective data. In her most recent installation “Input Field Form #2” she transformed the Artist Residency application form – the HTML form that gathers user information through Input Fields – into an agricultural field at ChaNorth in Upstate NY during the “Process Park” residency.

EVA VON SCHWEINITZ is a German-American interdisciplinary theater- and filmmaker.  Her work has been presented at Tribeca Film Festival, The Bushwick Starr, The Brick, The Doxsee, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Homeless Shelters, Prelude NYC, and across Germany and its neighboring countries.  As projection designer, Eva has worked with Elevator Repair Service on MEASURE FOR MEASURE (The Public), ARGUENDO (Associate Designer, The Public, OBIE Award Outstanding Projection Design), and THE SOUND AND THE FURY (New York Theatre Workshop, The Public).  Further video/sound design collaborations include: Sibyl Kempson, Superhero Clubhouse, Eliza Bent, Sarah Hughes, and Piehole. Evais a founding member of pulk piktion, a German theater collective which was awarded the 2016 George Tabori Advancement Award. MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College.  BA in Film from International Filmschool Cologne.

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