[July 7-13] Imagining Tellus #28: Heard in LA

A speculative audiocassette: an archaeological artifact of the present. Not available through subscription or purchase, for educational use only.

Curated and produced by Tom Leeser

Envisaged back in 1981 as an audiocassette publication, The Tellus Project, produced and curated by Carol Parkinson, Joseph Nechvatal and Claudia Gould, is now considered a historic and significant archive of New York’s leading “downtown” experimental sound, noise, performance and spoken word artists. The tapes included works by Sonic Youth, Louise Lawler, Elliot Sharp, Glenn Branca, Tom Cora, Fred Frith, and Spalding Gray among others. Assembled as a series of twenty-seven audiotapes, each tape was titled with a number and a theme that reflected their sequential release and the curator’s research and intention. The tapes were compiled and distributed to their subscribers, bimonthly through the mail.

Imagining Tellus # 28 references and pays homage to this important project as an imagined twenty-eighth tape titled: Heard in LA. As curator, Tom Leeser reaches beyond the tapes’ original geographical limits of New York to current artists working within the vibrant and active experimental soundscape of Los Angeles.

These new works will not be published as a cassette however, rather they will be exhibited at Harvestworks in New York and then archived and available for streaming online. The imagined Tellus #28 includes emerging and mid-career artists that are exploring new forms of digitally produced sound works extracted from interdisciplinary practices that fuse poetry, electronic composition, improvised music and performance into an assemblage of beautiful antagonisms. Heard in LA will inject the original collective spirit of the Tellus Project into an updated “downtown” and “uncommon” networked space for future reference. Thanks to the The Center for Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts

Friday July 7 2017 Reception 7 pm with a special performance by Matt Barbier and Tom Leeser of  a new project for video, euphonium and electronics at 8 pm.

Open to the public:  Weekdays noon – 5 pm and Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th 2017 by appointment

Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602, New York NY 10012  Phone: 212-431-1130

Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6 to Bleecker

“IMAGINING TELLUS # 28: HEARD IN LA” ARTISTS                                             

Neela Banerjee “How to Worship a River”


Matt Barbier “An Excerpt from: A Lost Diary Relating to a Life of a Certain Person (T.I.)”


Scott Benzel “Recovered Works”


K. Bradford “Dirge (on drought)”


Dan Bustillo “Dry Spell or there is something wrong with all that power”


Tyler Calkin “Interspecific Empathy Project: Hominid-Canid Vocalizations”


Scott Cazan “Invocation”


Provisional Collective “61856”


Louis Coy “La Llorana (Las Joyas Pequeñas)”


E.E.L “Circuit Siren Song”


Carmina Escobar “Saa Niñi Ya´a”

(with (with the Banda Filarmonica Maqueos Music, the Maqueos Music School, and Yulissa Maqueos)


Sarah Fylak “#Blessed2Know”


Jacob Goldman “Onomatopoeic”

Ulrich Krieger “Power Play(1987)”


Gregory Lenczycki “Silver or Lead”


Parches + Tim Tsang “(gfn) or, (excavating ruins from the future)”



Free Radicals “Conditional Circumstances



Jason Richards “Strange Frame”


Sara Roberts and the Readers Chorus “Black/White Oratorio: excerpts”


sadubas “What the Hell is Going On?”

(Robin Sukhadia and Ameet Mehta)



Christina Santa Cruz “River James”


Stephanie Cheng Smith “Clanky rattle dream”


Thomas Sturm “Carly A.I.”


Jack Taylor “Music for Speakers (Excerpt)”


Daniel Watkins “No More Pictures of Urban Lights”


Ebony Williams “The Vessel”


About the Curator

Tom Leeser is a media artist, educator, curator, and writer. He is Program Director of the Art and Technology Program and Director of the Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts.) Tom received his BFA and MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI.) His film, video, sound, online work, interactive installations, and public performances have been exhibited at Eyebeam, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Machine Project, the Mount Wilson Observatory, MassMoca, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, The Fowler Museum, Redcat Theater, The Kitchen, The Millennium, Siggraph, and film and video festivals worldwide, with support from Art Matters, Creative Time, and the Daniel Langlois Foundation. Recent projects include: DryRun, a public art and sound/poetry project for the City of Santa Clarita, History Refused to Die and The Futures Project at the Alabama Contemporary Center for the Arts and the Los Angeles Filmforum, Artist Resident for a Day at Machine Project, Radical Cosmologies at ISEA2012, Indirect Intention—A Home and Garden Intervention at the Museum of Jurassic Technology and the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Future Imaginary at the Ben Maltz Gallery of the Otis College of Art and Design, The Lament Project—An Evening at the Manual Archives, Underground Cinemamachine at Machine Project and Object Lessons for Gigantic Artspace in New York City. He is an editor and producer for the web-based journal and curatorial project viralnet.net.

Selected Works from “Future Tense” (Recent project by Tom Leeser)

Press Quotes 

Make noise that leads to the subversion of beauty and tradition through a process of change. Leave room for the condition of inevitable spontaneity. Generate surprise. (Interview between Mark Trayle and Tom Leeser: www.viralnet.net)

Leeser extracts images and text from their original sources and integrates them into a “media archeology” that challenges their original meanings and context. M. Lovejoy,PostmodernCurrents(Ann Arbor, MI: Univ. of Michigan Research Press, 1989) p. 154.

Digital technologies have now formed the basis of our current century’s social network. We are now recording, archiving and dissolving at such a rate that latency and reflection can only happen within a real-time tyranny of a commodified present. In many ways we have created a zombie culture from the ashes of our past. http://viralnet.net/radicalcosmologies/interviews/klein_leeser.html

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Press Coverage 

Yale Radio http://museumofnonvisibleart.com/interviews/tom-leeser/

Post Reality Show with Randall Packer https://player.vimeo.com/video/47625838

ISEA 2012: A Conversation with Laurie Anderson and Tom Leeser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMy__rjTf1I

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