[June 27th] Luc Vitk: Water Vision

Harvestworks is pleased to present 2024 artist in residence Luc Vitk’s multichannel piece, Water Vision, for water, the visitors, and six speakers. During the presentation, the visitors will become part of the installation to interpret the piece and generate 26 minutes of water music.

Location: Harvestworks Studios 596 Broadway Suite 602 NYC 10012

Date: Thursday, June 27th

Time: 5 pm – 8 pm

5:00pm – 6:00pmPresentation of the project
6:00pm – 7:00pmScore introduction, Performance of the piece, and Listening session
7:00pm – 8:00pmDiscussion

Luc Vitk’s participatory electroacoustic installation and performance work, Water Vision, involves the audience blowing through straws into water at specific points in a pre-composed score. Six microphones collect the water sounds, which are then processed and played back over six surrounding speakers. The piece moves beyond the confines of installation technology and the utilitarian nature of PA to become something more visible, participatory, and living, implying numerous possibilities for the reality of the water resource. Luc has collaborated on this piece with programmer, musician, and biologist William Kurtis Chang.

The workshop will consist of a presentation, performance, listening session, and discussion.
During the workshop, we are going to discuss the Water Vision piece, spatial memory, and mirror function of a recorded sound. Luc Vitk will present accessible scores that can be interpreted by the visitors.


Luc Vitk is a composer, improviser, and performer (accordion, hichiriki, synthesizer, harmonica, voice, and dance) from the Czech Republic, living in New York. Their compositions focus on sonification, while in their improvisation practice, Luc works with the characteristics of discrete spaces through the interaction between sound and movement. In Luc’s recent work, they are interested in the social-political aspects of music in relation to everyday life and in reusing materials to build sonic costumes and instruments. Luc has been commissioned by the Roulette Intermedium, where they were a resident artist in 2018. They have organized the NYC Constellation Ensemble and the OPERA Ensemble. Their dissertation, Compositional Techniques of Christian Wolff and Social Aspects in Music, was published in 2021.
William Kurtis Chang is a computational biologist, composer, improviser, and experimental musician native to Taipei, Taiwan, now living in New York City. He is interested in the interactions between intention and stochasticity. He performs with acoustic and electric guitars, an electric bass, and custom software.

Press Quotes

Album review in New York City Jazz Record by Tyran Grillo (June 2021)

“…the experience unfolds fractally: the closer one gets to an intriguing detail, the more one recognizes the supporting patterns that gave it context in the first place.”

Album review in The Wire by Chloe Lula (August 2021)

“Its frequencies move like a Shepard Tone, the contrabass’s rattling strokes falling in tune with the lead harmonic melody before drifting away from it again. The pitch seems to constantly ascend and descend without ever fluctuating from the root note.”

Live concert review in San Francisco Classical Voice by Lucy Caplan (April 2017)

“Luc Vitk’s sound-world might be described as music turned inside out. Through sounds both strange and unremarkable, they put the seams of music-making on full display. You hear the stuff in the nooks and crannies rather than the glossy facade.”

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