[July 20th] Nomadic Keyboard by Kathleen Supové

We get stuck in our cubicles! Concert performers are confined to practice studios and concert halls, performing in cloistered spaces. They want out! Audiences feel the barriers: long travel, high prices, dress code, quiet restraint, elite cognoscenti. They want in!

The Nomadic Keyboard will travel around Governors Island, where those people are roaming.

No need to travel, dress up, or to sit down. Just be there when we pass by!

You are encouraged to join in, either at the keyboard, with your voice, or with your instrument.

Location: Start Site: The Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Date: Saturday July 20, 2024

Time: 2:45 pm to 4 pm

The Nomadic Keyboard has its origins with the great pianist Sviatoslav Richter. In addition to playing the big concert halls of the world, he used to travel the Russian countryside in a truck with a grand piano, bringing the classical music tradition to local townspeople. Nomadic Keyboard is a modern spin on that! Traveling less distance (and with a user-friendly setup, no grand piano movers here), we nonetheless break down the concert hall barrier by walking outside, in a peoples’ park, and even encouraging the “audience” to join in.


Kathleen Supové, Pianist

“What Ms. Supové is really exploding is the piano recital as we have known it…” Anthony Tommasini, NY Times 

In May, 2012, Supové received the John Cage Award from ASCAP for “the artistry and passion with which she performs, commissions, records, and champions the music of our time.” 

Ms. Supové annually presents a series of solo concerts entitled THE EXPLODING PIANO. She has commissioned, performed and recorded music by a Who’s Who of composers. In addition to humans, she has performed with Yamaha Disklaviers, laptop orchestras, robots, and XReality. Recent projects include solo works about Migration and a concert theater work “Confinement/Escape”, plus Shocking Red with singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked, as well as recordings with poet Nick Flynn, Guy Barash, and Gilbert Galindo. Events in 2024 include a solo concert at Roulette in March, and a performance collaboration with Jeff Mills (Tomorrow Comes The Harvest) for the Long Play Festival in May. As a composer, she has received composer commissions from NYSCA, Brooklyn Arts Council, Bargemusic, and the Illustrated Man Project. Visit www.supove.com, YouTube (search kathyexploding or Kathleen Supove) and Instagram (@kathyexploding) for more info. 

Press Quotes

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times  

“…the experience unfolds fractally: the closer one gets to an intriguing detail, the more one recognizes the supporting patterns that gave it context in the first place.”


Ben Sisario, New York Press

“This was classical music played like the best rock’n’roll. It was passionate, earnest, loud and more complex than the gatekeepers of high culture would like to think. Brava.”

ASCAP promo for an award!

“Supové received the John Cage Award from ASCAP for “the artistry and passion with which she performs, commissions, records, and champions the music of our time.”

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