[June 5] Ghost Voices Concert: B-O-O-K, B-A-R-K -T-R-E-E -S-K-I-N L-I-N-E Stage 1 by Shelley Hirsch and Joke Lanz

Shelley Hirsch and Joke Lanz

Book-Bark-Tree-Skin-Line- Stage 1 is a structured improvisation with collaborator/ turntablist, electronic musician Joke Lanz  and a query into the process of creating Hirsch’s Harvestworks AIR Project and  new choral work commissioned by NYSCA  which will be presented in 2017.

The work is a musing on the words of the title which are investigated for their sonic/ etymological/ poetic properties, where the music of language is celebrated, It is as well a demonstration of how songs and stories grow out of primal utterances and voiced gestures which are intrinsically located in the body-the recorder Hirsch will be using various electronic devices to localize and process her “voices” live.

Hirsch and Lanz would like to dedicate this performance to the late great Tony Conrad who was an extremely enthusiastic audience member for the 1st NYC performance by Hirsch/Lanz which took place just a block away. They will attempt  to honor his sense of freedom and boundless energy.

Concert 3

June 5 2016, 10:00-11:00 PM

National Sawdust


Shelley Hirsch

Shelley Hirsch is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, composer, and storyteller whose compositions, staged multimedia works, improvisations, radio plays, installations, improvisations  and collaborations have been produced and presented on five continents. She has appeared in and composed music for film and is the subject of two documentary portraits on Aspekte and Arte TV Programs in Germany.

Hirsch is the recipient of many awards, fellowships and prestigious residencies in the music composition, electronic music, performance, new forms, multidisciplinary work, categories from Creative Capital, NYFA, NEA ; NYSCA, Mary Flagler Carey Trust  etc etc. Residencies include the DAAD residency in Berlin; The Ucross/ Alpert Residency Prize; Harvestworks Studio PASS AIR (six); Montalvo Arts Center, and Krems AIR in Austria.

She received the Prix Futura 1st prize from the International Media Competition in Berlin for radio version of her autobiographical musical  “O’ Little Town of East New York” .

Her performative compositions include “States” “My Father Piece” “For Jerry”- an homage to /virtual duet with the late Jerry Hunt, “The Passions”, The Bernard Herrmann Project.

8 channel surround sound pieces include “Stop Scratching That Gash” and “Tohuwabohu”.

She can be heard on 70 cds. Including several under her name on the Tzadik label.


Born in Switzerland and currently operating out of Berlin, Joke Lanz is a prolific artist working with sound and performance since 1986. His activities in various solo and collective guises (for music groups, radio projects, theater and dance endeavors) have included Sudden Infant, Schimpfluch-Gruppe, WAL, Jaywalker, Opposite Opponents, MK Selection, Psychic Rally, The Eye of Arghhh, Tell and countless others. He has also toured the world over with various acolytes and has released his works on some of the most prominent record labels in the noise underground (Schimpfluch, Tochnit Aleph, Blossoming Noise, Entr’acte, Artware, SSSM, Klanggalerie, Some Bizarre, iDeal Rec and many more).

Sudden Infant is Lanz’ longest-running and most enduring project. Its inception in 1989 was borne out of Lanz’ urgent drive to combine sound art and performance into one visceral whole — by doing so, his performances frequently bring forth elements and influences from Dada, actionism, Fluxus, noise, and punk, as well as some of industrial music’s most trenchant performers.

About Harvestworks: www.harvestworks.org

Harvestworks’ presents experimental art in collaboration with their Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) Lab. Since 1977 they have been supporting the creation of work that explores new and evolving technologies. In line with the historical E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) they provide an environment for experimentation with technicians, instructors and innovative practitioners in the electronic arts. Former Harvestworks’ residents, who have also used remixing in their art process, include established artists, such as Christian Marclay, Luke Dubois and Pauline Oliveros.

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