[Mar 20] Foreign Correspondence 004

Foreign Correspondence is an audio/visual series focused on international contemporary video art, including film, video synthesis and expanded cinema. Episodes premiere on Manhattan public access Channel 4 and via Harvestworks’ livestream, where each is archived and available for later viewing.

Episode_04 Curated by Sofy Yuditskaya
Saturday, March 20st, 2021

Time 9:00P on Harvestworks’ Livestream: https://bit.ly/2XSInXi
Midnight broadcast: on MNN Channel 4

Spectrum 67, FIOS 36, RCN 85

Anokhi Shah 

Jess Rowland

Julia Sinelnikova / Defussion / Max Nova


Jana Astanov

Ria Rajan

Sofy Yuditskaya


Anokhi Shah is an Architect, Curator, Educator, and a New Media Entrepreneur based in Frankfurt and Pune. Her interest lies in exploring architecture in relation to the arts to infuse interactive design with original and critical ideas and practices through contemporary digital mediums. Against this background, questions of aesthetics are of particular interest – specifically new forms of representation that embrace both the production and decoding of entities within emerging symbol systems set against a wide spectrum of technology-driven processes.

Jess Rowland is a sound artist, musician, and composer, and a 2018-20 Lewis Center Arts Fellow. In addition to an active art practice, she also teaches sound at Princeton University and SVA NYC.

Julia Sinelnikova is an interdisciplinary artist who works with holograms, performance, new media and digital culture. Their light installations have been exhibited internationally, and they have performed widely as The Oracle of Vector Gallery.  They are also a singer-songwriter and DJ, and in 2020 performed on a live FM radio show in Upstate New York, as well as released their debut streaming single under the pseudonym ORACLE666. They hold a BFA in Sculpture from The Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY). They live and work in Brooklyn.

Max Coyote Nova is co-founder of Brooklyn-based digital arts collective, Optical Animal. Nova is also professor of “Live Video Performance Art” at New York University.

Ω▽(ohmslice) is experimental improvisational music created by poet, Jane LeCroy (of the band, The Icebergs, and a featured character of the Poetry Brothel) along with multi-instumentalist and inventor of the pencilina, Bradford Reed and his modular synth.   Ω▽ comes together at the fertile crossroads of ambient electronica, jazz, poetry, distortion, tribal rhythms and spontaneous composition. 

Jana Astanov is an interdisciplinary artist, a poet and an independent curator living in upstate New York. She is a founder of CREATRIX Magazine, portal for creative expression focused on art, activism and spiritual practice. Her work includes performance art, photography, sound art, and installation. She describes her performance art practice as “mythology vs ideology” referring to her two main interests: the political & economic foundations of our civilization and mythological/ religious values. She has performed at Tate Modern, Smack Mellon Gallery, Grace Exhibition Space, Venice Biennale, Documenta 2017, and many other venues. She is also the author of five collections of poetry: Antidivine, Grimoire, Sublunar, The Pillow Book of Burg, and Birds of Equinox.

Ria Rajan is a visual artist exploring both analog and digital mediums of image-making, with a focus on intangible and ephemeral experiences of spaces and objects, both natural and constructed.

Episode curator:Sofy Yuditskaya (@_the_s0urce_) is a site-specific media artist and educator working with sound, video, interactivity, projections, code, paper, and salvaged material. Her work focuses on techno-occult rituals, street performance, and participatory art.

Series produced by Dylan A. Marcheschi

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