[Mar. 3] Unity Techniques Demo and Meetup

Ever considered whether a 3D game/VR/AR-development platform could fulfill your creative audiovisual needs for interactivity? Come to a guided-tour demonstration of Unity techniques in combination with other software, try out the HTC Vive Headset to experience the scenes in real time, and bring your own questions and projects.

Some of the techniques demonstrated will be material properties, lighting properties, normal mapping, physics, triggers, 360-degree footage, C# scripting, generative sound written in RTcmix, and shaders.

DATES AND TIMES: March 3 2020 from 5:00-6:30


Unity is a VR/AR/game-development platform which offers a wide range of possibility for designing interactive experiences and performance interfaces. During this workshop, Lara Lewison will demonstrate features of Unity, scripting possibilities, techniques for creating effects within the Unity editor and in combination with other platforms.

These features will be demonstrated in the context of a VR project with Augmented Reality elements. Lara’s project makes use of 360 photo footage of her recently refurbished (electrified) childhood dollhouse and live 360 video so that the viewer can participate in the act of seeing themselves looking at “physical” archives.

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset and hand controllers will be set up so that you may explore the Virtual Reality scene interactivity firsthand. Bring your Unity curiosity, project ideas, questions, and in-progress projects.

Some of the techniques demonstrated will be the following:

material properties

lighting properties

normal mapping (illusions of detail)

using built-in Unity physics to trigger events

360-degree footage (imported and live video)

C# scripting

uRTcmix (connecting events within Unity and location of Gameobjects to generative sound written in the language RTcmix)



Lara Lewison is an intern at Harvestworks who can offer Unity lessons. She works with whichever combinations of software and programming languages are best to get the job done, including Unity, Max Jitter, Adobe Photoshop, RTcmix, and Blender. She is finishing her last semester as an undergraduate at Columbia University studying Music. Lara also freelances as a violinist around the city, and paints on nontraditional surfaces.

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/3006308062749012/

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: https://youtu.be/znd0wmgcrGY

SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.instagram.com/larangoclan/

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