[May 20] Big Data Eats Itself! by Jess Rowland

4cb29e33-8f48-46d2-83cf-3285b0ef8483Big Data Eats Itself! explores the beauty that can come from the breaking down of the digital systems we are all asked to normally consume passively. Interactive audio tapestries, inductive coils and digital feedback will be introduced in interactive sound installation and video. On the opening night, the artist will perform a collection of sound pieces using the audio tapestries, cell phone induction, electric snacks, and improvised text to speech software.

What happens when our functions become meaningless? Our technology aims to make us more efficient, more effective, and even can learn what we want before we know it. But at what point do we abandon the concept of usefulness? And what happens when we allow our technologies to be pointless and absurd? Featuring an assortment of circuits to nowhere, Big Data Eats Itself! includes a set of Nothing Patches running complex computer code which works hard but does nothing, and the “Google Docs Performance” piece, a telepresent collective artwork over the cloud using state of the art network technology to make useless but colorful spreadsheets.

Meet The Artist May 20 2016 7pm.

Open to the public May 21,22 from 4-7pm

Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York NY 10012

The audience will be able to interact with a room full of sound-generating using gesture to generate collective music and sound spaces. The audience can also participate in the Google Docs performance: The link to connect to the google doc and open sharing with directions will be made available both at the show and online.

Featuring a collection of feeding-back, cyclical, and computer-intensive nonsense, Big Data Eats Itself! means to squarely reflect back on the human in technology – the part that doesn’t fit in.c16ae317-066d-477b-a1b6-69f3af3e5d40
Reception May 20 2016 7pm.  30-45 Minute runtime

Open to the public May 21,22 from 4-7pm


Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York NY 10012

Phone: 212-431-1130 Subway: F/M/D/B Broadway/Lafayette, R to Prince, #6 to Bleecker



Jess Rowland is a sound artist, musician, and composer. Much of her work explores the relationship between technologies, popular culture, and other absurdities, investigating the weirdness of reality and how we all deal with it. She is currently represented by Edgetone Records and has received artist residencies at the Banff Centre, Harvestworks, and Kala Arts; composition grants from the American Composers Forum,  commissions by theater and modern dance companies, and is affiliated with the Center for New Music and Audio Technology at UC Berkeley. In addition to recent performances at the Berkeley Art Museum, Luggage Store Gallery, and Spectrum NYC she has published a paper focusing on some of her current Sound Art concerns in the Leonardo Music Journal and teaches Sound Art at the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

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