[May 28 – Aug 7] listening & seeing, an art and tech exhibition

The Harvestworks Art and Technology Program on Governors Island continues through the 2022 season with a two part exhibition of a major new artworks, workshops and performances. Selected by Executive Director Carol Parkinson and the arts committee of Harvestworks, this season will focus on the ear and the eye and how technology can expand and impact those senses. In addition to the interior exhibition, we are pleased to present Ear Hut the outdoor listening space by Miya Masaoka. Our Experience Lab continues on scheduled Saturdays from 1 – 3 pm starting on June 11, 2022.

Location: Building 10a Nolan Park Governors Island

Open to the public from 11 am to 5 pm Weekends

May 28 – August 7, 2022

Meet the Artist Day: Saturday June 11, 2022

listening & seeing – an art and technology exhibition will feature major new works created by Guggenheim award winning composer Miya Masaoka and New York State Council on the Arts – New Technology awardees Joe Diebes, Michael Schumacher, Edin Velez with resident artists Surabhi Saraf and Ivana Dama.

Performances by Brooklyn-based artist and musician Selwa Abd’s Bergsonist Project on June 11, 2022 and enTsemble: F(r)iction with Sofy Yuditskaya, Monica Rocha, Johannes Sistermanns and Hans Tammen on June 26, 2022. For the Electropixel Festival on August 6, 2022, live outdoor performances with Ben Owen, Solar Return, Jenny Pickett, Julien Ottavi and the Horspiel Machine and on August 7th Silver Fleece by William Hooker and ensemble.

The Experience Lab and Creative Play is open every Saturday from 1 – 3 pm through August 6, 2022. Please RSVP to the event that you would like to attend but walk-ins are welcome also if space allows. Come in to learn and experience some new (or favorite) technology.

Lab #1: Saturday June 11, 2022. FREE with sign up – Sonic Environments and Worldbuilding w/ WebVR with Matthew Gantt 

Lab #2: Saturday June 25, 2022. FREE with signup – Sonic Environments and Worldbuilding w/ WebVR with Matthew Gantt 

Creative Play #1: Saturday July 2, 2022: DJ’ing with Alec, Soeun and Kaliel

Lab #3: Saturday July 9, 2022. Entanglement by Persia Wu and Story Maps by Alex Modlin.

Creative Play #2: Saturday July 16, 2022: Acquarium with Song Yehwan and Synthesia by Regina Toh

Lab #4: Saturday July 23, 2022. FREE with sign up. Ambisonic and Binaural Audio Production session with Matthew Gantt.

Lab #5: July 30, 2022. FREE with sign up. Unreal Engine 4 workshop for the music/artist with Matthew Gantt. – RESCHEDULED for October.

The Harvestworks Art and Technology Program in Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

The Listening & Seeing exhibition continues in the fall with artists Eva Davidova, Kristin Lucas, Viv Corringham, Su Hyun Nam and other Harvestworks residents.

About the Art and Technology Program on Governors Island

Produced by Harvestworks, The Art and Technology Program on Governors Island is centered on art works created at the intersection of art and technology. It includes exhibitions of digital media art, public workshops, performances and our educational research library.  Our goal is to provide exhibition opportunities to electronic media artists and also to educate the public about new technology and how artists use it for artistic expression.  www.harvestworks.org

This project is made possible with funds from the NYSCA in Partnership with Wave Farm: Immersive Art & Technology Initiative, with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

Program subject to change.

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