[May 28 – July 25] Dancing Windows by Anna Pasztor – The TEAM Lab: Artworks and Experiences

Dancing Windows is an interactive video installation that engages its audiences on several different levels. It was created in partnership with Harvestworks.   Workshops, on July 2nd [register], and 9th 3 – 5 pm [register] **BRING YOUR CELLPHONE TO THE WORKSHOP!!**


Please install Phone App before the workshop, if you get a chance. It is free. Also, Filmic Pro App may help you create higher quality video, it cost $9.99. It is not necessary for the workshop, just a suggestion.


It has two versions, both of them are site-specific and have the same basic structure: there is a flat screen, a camera and a computer, set up in a (shop)window facing outside. The flat screen shows a video sequence on loop. When someone stands in front of the camera his or her image will be integrated into the background video that is showing continuously.

The first version of the project is currently on view in Harvestworks’ “The TeamLab: Artworks and Experiences” exhibition in Governors Island. Audiences come to this island to engage in recreational activities The content of the video on loop is related to nature.

Check out the video below for a preview!


May 28 – July 25 2016 Saturday, Sundays and Holiday Mondays noon – 6 pm

Governors Island Nolan Park Building 5B

Ferry Schedule:

Workshops, on July 2nd [register], and 9th 3 – 5 pm [register] **BRING YOUR CELLPHONE TO THE WORKSHOP!!**

There will be two workshops, on July 2nd, and 9th in the same location where the exhibition takes place. During the workshops participants will receive information regarding the creative process of the artist. In addition, they will be guided to create their own short video to be integrated in the installation. In Governors Island the goal of the project is to offer a playful experience in the quest of mastering new technologies. The project also encourages the expressive use of technologies, as well as stimulates the creativity of the participants of the workshops. The second version will be on view in two shop windows in the South Bronx. In the Bronx version, the base video is created using material generously provided by residents.


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Anna Pasztor

She was born and raised in Budapest. She holds an MA in Italian and Portuguese Languages and Literatures from the University of Budapest, several certifications related to Dance and Movement. While studying at the University of Budapest she also worked with prominent personalities of the Independent Theater and Dance Movement that were flourishing in the city at the time. In 1991 she relocated to Lisbon, where she developed a successful career as choreographer/director. Her theater and dance productions were presented at prestigious venues, and numerous festivals. In addition, she founded the “Accent”, a nonprofit organization to foster dance activities with non-dancers. She lives in New York City since 2003, where she earned a certification of Laban Movement Analysis from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. In the last decade her interest moved towards the visual arts, more specifically towards multimedia, video and film production. She was recipient of grants, awards and scholarships from Harvestworks, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York Foundation of Arts, Outpost Artists’ Resources, Luso-American Foundation, Gulbenkian Foundation, Portuguese Cultural Ministry, Hungarian Ministry of Education, and Portuguese Cultural Institute among others. Her recent installations and videos were shown in several festivals and galleries in the US.


Thanks to New York State Council on the Arts’ Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.





Tommy Martinez

New York City based guitarist, artist, and programmer from Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in multi-channel sound, video, improvisation with guitar and custom software. He was recipient of the Jacob Druckman Memorial Prize for excellence and innovation in music composition, and the residency grant of Pioneer Works Technology.

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