[May 4] Wavelengths to RGB: Programming Color Theory

Presentation/Workshop by Jessica Stringham (this.xor.that) starting at 1pm

LOCATION: Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Part of “MY _____ IS AN ECOSYSTEM”, a LiveCode.NYC Exhibition/Residency


Colors provide a wide exploration space in live coded visual performances, but they can be challenging to program to do what you want. Knowing a little background can go a long way. We’ll go from wavelengths, to perception, to how computers represent color, some ways to generate your own palettes and color ramps, and finally some tips on how to use colors during visual performances. 

This presentation won’t focus on a specific tool, but should be somewhat transferable. It will draw from things I’ve learned while working with shaders, other creative coding, and digital media.

For some parts of the presentation, it would be useful to have polarized sunglasses and a smartphone or laptop.

RSVP here

Suggested Donation: $5-25

Limited capacity but walk-ins are welcome. Ticket/RSVP/donation is not required but is encouraged and appreciated!

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