[OCT 8] EMKVLT Invocation

Using a spatialized four channel system, the performers will invoke the electromagnetic spirits which dwell on the island. Feedback and electrical coils will build a sonic space for all.

October 8th, 2022 @ 3pm.


Location: Harvestworks Art and Technology Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island.

EMKVLT is a band led by three women who use the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum to create installations, performances and recordings. Using electronic feedback, audio speakers, various kinds of microphones/pickups, and resonant objects of all shapes and kinds, they summon the feminine spirit of electromagnetism, aka the Goddess of the Electronic Medium. They have a flexible membership inclusive to all people who are willing to open themselves up to this spirit. In terms of current trends in audio technology, they invoke a feminist response to the masculinization of the music industry, audio engineering, and to the artistic spaces of sound arts in general.

EMKVLYT will present a structured improvisation for the summoning of the Goddess of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Like a mandala the piece begins in chaos representing the unordered world of chaotic thoughts, following that symmetry is slowly introduced as they travel through the stages of structured feedback eventually taking us to the Goddess of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in the center of the mandala.


Margaret Schedel: Margaret Schedel transcends the boundaries of disparate fields to produce integrated work at the nexus of computation and the arts. With an interdisciplinary career blending classical training in cello and composition, digital audio research, and computational arts education, she is internationally recognized for the creation and performance of ferociously interactive media. Her research in the sonification of gesture and data takes form in interactive opera, VR, and video games. Schedel is professor and co-director of computer music at Stony Brook University and also teaches at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University.

Jess Rowland: Jess Rowland is a sound artist, musician, and composer, and a 2018-2020 Princeton Arts Fellow. Much of her work explores the relationship between technologies and popular culture, continually aiming to reconcile the world of art and the world of science. At UC Berkeley, she developed technique for embedded sound and flexible speaker arrays. Her research includes music perception, auditory neurosciences, and music technologies. In addition to an active art practice, she has taught Sound Art at The School of Visual Arts in New York and continues to present her work internationally. Recent installations and performances include the New York Electronic Arts Festival, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Berkeley Art Museum, and Spectrum NYC.

Sofy Yuditskaya is a site-specific media artist and educator working with sound, video, interactivity, projections, code, paper, and salvaged material. Her work focuses on techno-occult rituals, street performance, and participatory art. Sofy’s performances enact and reframe hegemonies, she works with materials that exemplify our deep entanglement with petro-culture and technology’s affect on consciousness. She has worked on projects at Eyebeam, 3LD, the Netherlands Institute voor Media Kunst, Steim, ARS Electronica, Games for Learning Institute, The Guggenheim (NYC), The National Mall and has taught at GAFFTA, MoMA, NYU, Srishti, and the Rubin Museum. She is a PhD Candidate in Audio-Visual Composition at NYU GSAS.

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