[July 13th] Star Catcher Performance and Artist Talk by Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner

Join us under the stars for a dance performance and artist talk at the Star Catcher installation. Adelle Lin and Matt Pinner collaborate with the dancer-choreographer Dharma Esmat to explore the mystical tapestry of the universe and redefine the act of creation through dance. Utilizing live tracking technology, Dharma’s movements… Continue reading

[June 27th] Luc Vitk: Water Vision

Harvestworks is pleased to present 2024 artist in residence Luc Vitk’s multichannel piece, Water Vision, for water, the visitors, and six speakers. During the presentation, the visitors will become part of the installation to interpret the piece and generate 26 minutes of water music. Location: Harvestworks Studios 596 Broadway Suite… Continue reading