Spring 2022

[Mar 6-8] New Virtual Installations

CSArts (Climate, Sustainability and the Arts) Temple University + Harvestworks NY present new virtual installations by Peter d’Agostino and Tania Fraga. Onsite at the Charles Library, Temple University, and online at Harvestworks. Artworks include World-Wide-Walks / between earth & sky / DONEGAL (2022) by Peter d’Agostino and CRACT (Reference Center for Art, Science, and Technology) (2022) by Tania Fraga.

[Apr 9 and 10, noon – 6pm] FluCoMa Workshop

Machine Listening & Machine Learning for Music Making with FluCoMa Workshop. The Fluid Corpus Manipulation project (FluCoMa) enables musicians to integrate machine listening and machine learning in their creative practice within Max, SuperCollider, and Pure Data. This workshop will be hands-on and will explain concepts and tools that participants can modify and expand toward their own artistic goals. Intermediate Level. Contact Carol at Harvestworks for more info.

[Apr 9] The TIP Program Update

Rainbow Riders Still 006 image: Site #2 Rainbow Riders, (Arms and Armor Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) RainbowPainter, artists augmented reality (AR) app installed on Apple iPad Pro, Will Pappenheimer, 2021

Our 2022 Technology Immersion Program continues with Master Class #11 by new media artist Will Pappenheimer. He will present his current work that explores the collage of the virtual and physical worlds in mixed reality. He is a pioneer of augmented reality (AR) art and a founding member of the AR collective, Manifest.AR formed in 2011.

Studio Residents!

Kat Mustatea, Sidney San Martin and Brittany Engel-Adams in Studio A
Ivana Darna working in Studio B

In March, Artists in Residence Kat Mustatea and Ivana Dama were in the studios working on their projects. Kat’s project Body Mouth is built on the open source project Pink Trombone. Ivana’s project Command and Control is a project that explores the idea of playing a musical instrument with your eyes.

[Apr 8, 12:30-6pm EDT] Kitchen Table Praxis: Recipes for Belonging in Electronic Music

Artist in Resident Suzanna Thorpe has coordinated this symposium at Columbia on inclusivity in electronic music. Kitchen Table Praxis: Recipes for Belonging in Electronic Music a virtual symposium.

[Apr 26] @ Roulette. AIR Cleek Schrey and Yasunao Tone come together in a program that spans 60 years of experimental music. The concert will include a realization of Tone’s 1961 piece, Anagram for Strings, composed in Tokyo before his immigration to New York City.

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