[Feb 24] TIP Master Class #6: Embodied Intelligence & the Future of Performance with Heidi Boisvert

photo of Lizardly performance

In this seminar, Dr. Heidi Boisvert will discuss current empirical research methods and insights emerging from the Limbic Lab, which employs biometrics, machine learning, and predictive models to isolate effective narrative ingredients across various mediums of expression. Boisvert will share how this research informs the creation of bio-adaptive networked dance… Continue reading

February 2024 News

2024 New Works Artist Residencies Harvestworks is pleased to announce our 2024 New Works residents! The following artists have been commissioned to create a new work in the Harvestworks TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab: Amina Ross, Alice Shields, Bill Fontana, Ellen Pearlman, Katherine Young, Jillian McDonald, Lucie Vítková, Pat Badani, Senem Pirler, Adrienne Westwood, and Zeena Parkins. To learn… Continue reading