[Apr 28 – May 14] Regen Circuit: LiveCode.NYC Residency – Calendar of Events

LOCATION: Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Limited capacity. Ticket/RSVP/Donation not required but is encouraged and appreciated! RSVP for all events here.

Calendar of Events

(Fri) 4/28/23

Performances starting at 1pm

For opening day of the exhibition, LiveCode.NYC members will activate the space by filling the Harvestworks building with live sound and visuals. These happenings will occur intermittently throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to talk and engage with the performers and get to know the LiveCode.NYC community better.

(Sat) 4/29/23

1pm – Introduction to Live Coding, LiveCode.NYC, and the Inspiration behind Regen Circuit

Presentations by Indira Ardolic, Melody Loveless, and Ramsey Nasser

3pm – Audiovisual Performances by Roxanne Harris, Michael Simpson, and emptyflash

These artists will explore solo multichannel systems in a 2-channel video set-up

(Sun) 4/30/23

1pm – Hydra Workshop by Cameron Alexander
3pm – Performances by Emma Waddell, Sarika Doppalapudi, and Viola He

(Fri) 5/5/23

2:30pm – Audiovisual performances by Katarina Hoeger, thisxorthat, and MYLAR (Melody Loveless and Caitlin Cawley)

Katarina Hoeger and thisxorthat will collaborate in an audiovisual live coding performance. MYLAR is a multimedia performance duo that combines percussion, voice, sampling, and live coding.

(Sat) 5/6/23

1pm – Sonic Pi Workshop by Roxanne Harris

This is a hands-on workshop on Sonic Pi, a live coding synthesizer for making music.

3pm – Audiovisual performances by Archaic Reckoner (Sumanth Srinivasan + Matthew Kaney), PRESWERVE, Carla Guzman, Mary Marks, and Riho Hagi

Live coding

(Sun) 5/7/23

1pm – Live Coding Fractal Flames with bl4st
3pm – Performances by ele-khle-kha อีเหละเขละขละ (Kengchakaj Kengkarnka and Nitcha Tothong), Omar Delarosa, and Loren Tyler

(Fri) 5/12/23

3pm – Performances by Messica Arson and R. Luke Dubois 

Messica Arson will combine live coding with screaming, sampling, and looping. R. Luke Dubois will live code/patch a modular synthesizer.

(Sat) 5/13/23

1pm – Sonic Pi Workshop by Liam Baum
3pm – Audiovisual performances by Indira Ardolic, Mister Bomb, casualsalad, Snow Schwartz, Jay Tobin, and Shelly Xiong

(Sun) 5/14/23

1pm – Processing and Sound Workshop by Katarina Hoeger

An introduction to combining sound with Processing, a platform for coding creative multimedia.

3pm – Audiovisual performances by Sylvia Ke, Melody Loveless, and Indira Ardolic  

A live coding concert featuring performers exploring world building, generative visuals, and vocals.

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