[Apr 28 – May 14] Regen Circuit: LiveCode.NYC Residency Participants


Archaic Reckoner is a collaboration between Sumanth Srinivasan and Matthew Kaney. Their improvised performances explore collaborative live coding, augmenting break beats and synths with live samples from vocals and guitar. Their music draws from the rhythms and textures of House, Garage and ambient Psychedelic music.

Matthew Kaney (he/him) is a performer and technologist interested in synthesizers, MIDI and web-based tools for creative expression. He’s previously worked with video games, animation, electronic sculpture and a small bit of theatrical light and sound design. In addition to performing music and visuals, his current focus is developing new tools for live coding and electronic music.

Reckoner is the NYC-based computer-songwriter project by Sumanth Srinivasan (he/him). Using all technology available at his disposal — voice, electronics, tape and code — Reckoner explores the idea of sonic degradation as an aesthetic to create music that appears to have outgrown the medium it is presented in. As a live act, Reckoner uses live coding and sampling to reinvent the same music via improvisation.
Website: reckoner.space
Instagram: @reckonermusic

Cameron Alexander (he/him), also known as emptyflash, is an artist, programmer, and scientist based in New York. His work explores the relationship between math and nature (especially in fractals, feedback, and chaotic systems), altered and esoteric states of consciousness, and the essence of reality through generative art, live coded performances, and photography. 
Website: emptyfla.sh
Instagram: emptyflash_
TikTok and Twitter: emptyflash

Edgardo Avilés-López (he/him) is a Mexican engineer, researcher, and artist currently living and working in NYC. His work combines photography, drawing, prototyping, and creative coding and is focused in exploring how technology and art can be used as amplifiers of curiosity, opportunity, and happiness. He received a MSc and a PhD in Computer Science from the CICESE Research Center. Since 2012 he has been a member of Torolab, an interdisciplinary art collective based in Tijuana, Mexico. The collective works on projects that seek to improve qualify of life through art.
Website: eavl.co
Instagram: @eavilsesl
Twitter: @eaviles

Liam Baum – aka Mister Bomb (he/him) is a musician and educator who has spent the past several years exploring how coding and technology can be incorporated into creative music making experiences for performance and composition. He experiments with methods such as live coding, physical computing and machine learning. He brings these methods into his own middle school classrooms as well as having led several workshops both in person and virtually about combining music with coding and technology using different languages and hardware.
Website: www.youtube.com/mrbombmusic
Twitter: @mrbombmusic

Max Bennett (he/him) is a creative technologist working to ground, critique, and laugh at our relationship with tech. Max holds a B.S. in Cognitive + Brain Sciences and Computer Science from Tufts University, and an M.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University. In the past, he developed an open source python package for predicting human fMRI responses to visual stimuli (imgtofmri), designed and developed XR physical therapy minigames with/for teens with cerebral palsy, and worked as a technical product manager in humanoid robotics and robotic sortation. He scrambles human-computer interaction, neuroscience, and mixed-media to play with assumptions of what is physical vs. virtual and public vs. private. Max lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Website: maxs.world
Social: @max____bennett

Caitlin Cawley (she/her) is a percussionist, improviser and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s interested in the capacity of live performance to engender empathy and facilitate authentic contact between human beings. She has played, sang, danced and yelled in concert halls, garages, bars, living rooms, kitchens, forests, art galleries and rooftops – using megaphones, triangles, gongs, drums, balloons, lamps, speaker drivers, vibraphones, EMT pipes, plastic buckets, tin cans, wine glasses, styrofoam, power tools, and paper airplanes – with newts, birds, Talujon, Mantra Percussion, Talea Ensemble, Heartbeat Opera, Cantata Profana, The Walter Thompson Orchestra, Slavic Soul Party!, Novus NY, Peydah Company, Gamelan Galak Tika, , Brian Adler’s Human Time Machine, Danse Theatre Surreality, NE14 Dance, Bash The Trash, I Dewa Ketut Alit, Paul Pinto, Richard Kim, Sarah Chien and MYLAR. She studied with David Cossin, Jeff Milarsky, John Ferrari, Tim Genis and Sam Solomon.
Website: www.caitlincawley.me
Instagram: @caitlincawleymusic 

Chirag Davé (they/them) is a Brooklyn based experimental musician and sound artist performing under the moniker casualsalad. They try to create evocative ambient soundscapes using field recordings, modular synthesis, and their voice. Inspired by the free jazz movement and structureless improvisation they collaborate with the cosmos and embrace uncertainty. Chirag actively performs in various US cities at music festivals, theaters and galleries, organized/co-organized experimental multi-modal art shows such as EMOTIONS FEST, and algoraves for LivecodeNYC.
Website: casualsalad.bandcamp.com
Instagram: @casualsalad
Tik-tok: @casualsaladmusic

Omar Delarosa (he/him) uses AI/ML techniques and models alongside live-coding tools to drive synthesizers and samplers and explore the intersection between music, computer science and artificial life.  He’s been making music since his teens using a mixture of guitars, old synths and computers.  His favorite organisms are jellyfish and fungi.
Website: omardelarosa.com

Sarika Doppalapudi (she/her) is an undergraduate student at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Her concentration is focused on collective memory in public spaces, and examines the ways in which disenfranchised communities remember and archive events. Sarika was born and raised in Chicago, and has worked with various non-profits and grassroots organizations in Chicago, including working as a co-founder and organizer for Fempowerment Chicago, and research assistant for The I Project. Additionally, she has worked with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, as an artist in the 21Minus exhibition, and through hosting an interactive walk-through of the Prisoner of Love exhibition. Furthermore, she has hosted a workshop at Chicago’s Weinberg Newton gallery entitled “Revolutionary Love”. Sarika’s work explores archival spaces and their uses as spaces of liberation. She is also a freelance baker and textile artist and is interested in using non-traditional materials to create her textiles, and is currently working on a crochet project using plastic waste that she collected over the summer of 2021.
Website: sarika.studio 
Instagram: @bakingandtextilemaking and @sarikadopp 

ele-khle-kha อีเหละเขละขละ is a collaborative research-based group consisting of Bangkok-born, Ridgewood-based artists, Kengchakaj–เก่งฉกาจ and Nitcha–ณิชชา. We are interested in subversive storytelling using non-dominance sound and visual archives, historical research–decoding and unlearning biases, performing documents, multimedia, and technology to experiment, explore and define decolonized possibilities. elekhlekha อีเหละเขละขละ is a Thai word that means dispersedly, chaos, unorganized, all over, and non-direction. Their project Jitr จิตร received development funds from the City Artist Corps grant, Queens Council on the Arts, and Babycastles NYC. Jitr is a performative audio-visual that utilizes historical research and live coding tools to reconcile Southeast Asia’s shared heritage.

Kengchakaj Kengkarnka (he/him) is an award-winning pianist, improviser, composer, and electronic experimentalist. His musical idiom is rooted in the improvised aesthetics of Southeast Asia cultures and African-American Creative Music.

Nitcha Tothong (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer using narrative and humanizing storytelling, sensory experience, and emotional expression through art and technology.
Website: elekhlekha.xyz
Instagram: @elekhlekha

Carla Guzman is a visual artist who intersects abstract expressionism matrices with technology. She uses coding based visualizers and experiments with Euclidean beats on tidal cycles. She enjoys
improvising her visuals with musicians in the community and is developing her sound.
Instagram: @estefanylikes

Riho Hagi is a creative technologist and software engineer from Japan. She specializes in developing prototypes of future possibilities with technology. Her recent work combines blockchain technology with traditional Japanese wordplay, exploring the untapped potential of blockchain’s future. With a passion for innovation, she invites audiences to experience a fresh perspective on the intersection of
tradition and cutting-edge technology.
Instagram: @rlho

Roxanne Harris (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist. She approaches programming as a medium for creative expression. Roxanne specializes in programming as performance, modifying real-time processes to create dynamic audiovisual experiences. She spends her time finding new ways to engage with the world, destructing and reconstructing existing structures as she goes.
Website: alsoknownasrox.com
Instagram and Twitter: @alsoknownasrox

Viola He (they/them) is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based programmer and interdisciplinary artist. Inspired and grounded by histories of subcultures and resistance movements, their creative practices engage with hardware, computing, movements and various time-based media, as pathways to explore alternative structures for humans and machines in a time of crisis.
Website: violand.xyz
Instagram: @v10101a

Katarina Hoeger (she/her) uses code to generate or modify audio and visuals in her works. Many of Katarina’s works reflect her interest in sounds and motions fostered by lifelong participation in music and dance. These influences combined with the experience of having been raised with a variety of cultural and philosophical backgrounds shape the intention behind her works. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine, a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Operations Research from the College of William & Mary, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College. She has been an artist-in-residence at Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY. Katarina Hoeger is a founding board member of Music Community Lab and long-time volunteer organizer at its series Monthly Music Hackathon NYC.
Website: katarinahoeger.com
Instagram: @katarina_hoeger_art
Twitter: @kfhoeger 

Sylvia Ke (any/all) is a multimedia artist, performer, creative technologist, first-gen immigrant (legal, for now), and transexual degenerate living and aging in Brooklyn, NY. In their thoughts and works, they contemplate a lot about how existing and emerging technologies transform, redefine, and create bodies, intimacy, materiality, myth, labor, and spacetime, while vice versa. Their hobby is to suck on the juicy, rubbery nails of pickled chicken feet and describe it to people in graphical details.
Website: are.na/sylvia-ke
Instagram: @tranceghoul  

Nico Perey (they/she) – aka LAVA is a multi-disciplinary artist that focuses on “live-coding”. LAVA aims to explore the beauty of computing in unconventional ways by taking inspiration from the physical and digital world and finding ways they compare and contrast. 
Instagram: @luckygolava

Melody Loveless (she/her) is a musician, performer, educator, creative technologist, and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work ranges from live coding performance, generative sound installations, multisensory performance, and more. An active performer and member of the NYC creative community, she has performed around the city in various venues, including Babycastles, Wonderville, (le) poisson rouge, Performance Space New York, and Eyebeam. Additionally, she has also organized/co-organized events including various concerts/performances, a day-long hackathon, and more. As an educator, she has taught in various institutes and organizations including New York University, the New School, Hunter College, Music Hackspace, and Harvestworks. She is also part of the first cohort of Cycling 74’s Max Certified Trainer Program.
Website: melodyloveless.com
Instagram: @melodycodes

Mary Mark is an emerging new media artist working on co-creating performance with technology and movement to tell stories in physical and virtual spaces. Her recent work investigates the use of wearables, motion capture and abstraction in story-telling. Mary aims to create immersive and interactive experiences that blend virtual and physical presence, through the use of visual programming environments and generative algorithms.
Website: marymark.cargo.site
Instagram: @mary_.mark

Daniel McKemie (he/him) is an electronic musician, composer, and percussionist based in New York City. He focuses on utilizing the internet and browser technology to realize a more accessible platform for multimedia art. His current work includes realizing historical instruments, musical tools, and audio processing units in the browser; and finding new ways of remote collaboration through WebRTC, WebSockets, and shared networks. His music has been performed in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia; and his research on computer music and web-based audio/composition techniques has been presented and published internationally in conferences as part of the Korean Electro-acoustic Music Society, the Australasian Computer Music Association, the International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research, the Society of Electro-acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), among others.
Website: danielmckemie.com 
Instagram: @danielmckemie

Jessica Garson (she/her) – aka Messica Arson is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates unique and electrifying computational noise music. Using live coding and live sampling, she incorporates sampled screams into her beats to add a raw and powerful element to her sound. Described by The Financial Times as “gnarly cut-up sounds,” her music is not afraid to push the boundaries of traditional music.
Instagram: @messicaarson

Ramsey Nasser (he/him) is a computer scientist, game designer, and educator who loves to make things that are fun, challenging, and useful. His work includes games, applications, hardware, programming languages, data visualizations, websites, and more. He is a recipient of an Eyebeam Fellowship, holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut, an M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design.
Website: nas.sr
Instagram: @ramseynasser 

PRESWERVE is an experimental-electronic producer, writer (poet/journalist), and digital media creator. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she is now based in Brooklyn, NY. PRESWERVE blends influences from trap, shoegaze, ambient, and noise. She also solely runs an independent media company Let’s Not Pretend, which focuses on experimental sounds, visuals, and art. Her company seeks to find communities and learn about culture by engaging in conversations and shows. More equipped in FL, she wants to challenge her musical abilities by trying new formats – such as coding. As a coding beginner, she is excited to immerse herself in something new. Not only an educator, PRESWERVE is also familiar with a variety of disciplines, as she is completely self-taught in all of her art and music. She has created album artwork, music videos, digital and physical collages, and loves to write. Her poetry has been published in her college magazine and Beast Grrrl zine. In the past, she has attended EMP collective’s poetry workshops and performed at multiple poetry readings/writings. Only having the chance to perform at small Baltimore open mics and poetry readings, PRESWERVE is ready to begin new journeys into live-coding and performing music for others.

Instagram: @ PRESWERVE, @letsnotpretend.official

Snow Schwartz (they/them) is a visual artist and coder living on occupied Lenape land, also known as Brooklyn. They find joy in engaging with knowledge sharing webs and creating more space for people to be playful and curious with technology. They want to make learning about technology accessible for everyone to use in ways that feel exciting and relevant to their own experiences and environments. Snow is also a livecoder and uses this practice as an exploration of the ways code can build relationships, instead of products. 
Instagram: @s_n_o__w__

Kate Sicchio (she/they) is a choreographer, media artist and performer whose work explores the interface between choreography and technology with wearable technology, live coding, and real time systems. Her work has been shown in the US, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, and the UK at venues such as PS122 (NYC), Banff New Media Institute (CAN), Arnolfini Arts (UK). She co-edited the book Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology (Routledge) with Dr. Camille Baker.  She has given invited talks at EU Parliament, Eyeo, Resonate, Node Code, Expo ‘74 and countless universities and events across the globe. She has presented work at many conferences and symposia including SIGCHI, ISEA, ACM Creativity and Cognition, and Dance Studies Association. She is currently Assistant Professor of Dance and Media Technology at Virginia Commonwealth University in both the Department of Dance + Choreography and Department of Kinetic Imaging.
Website: sicchio.com
Twitter and Instagram: @sicchio

Sabrina Sims (she/her) is a Black Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist from the Bronx, New York. She experiments with mediums including synth music, poetry, riso printing, zines and textiles. Magic, transformation and subversive self care/kindness are common threads in her work. Sabrina teaches community workshops, plays shows and gives artist talks as part of her practice.
Website: starlyart.studio
Instagram: @starlyartstudio

Michael Simpson (he/him) is an award-winning anti-disciplinary artist, engineer, musician, and educator based in New York City. Michael’s artistic work is often in the form of screen-based visuals, music, and/or physical installations. Michael’s academic work focuses on the application of sound analysis, music information retrieval, and machine learning for the purpose of creative applications. Michael holds a Master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Technology Program where he currently teaches serving as an adjunct faculty.
Website: mgs.nyc
Instagram: @mgs.nyc

Jessica Stringham (they/them) – aka this.xor.that is a creative coder based in Brooklyn. 
Website: thisxorthat.art
Instagram: @_thisxorthat

Jay Tobin (he/him) is an audiovisual artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. He’s been featured at the Millennium Film Workshop, ARS Electronica, and the Creative Code Festival at Lightbox NYC. He specializes in creative coding, procedural soundscapes, and digital instrument building, with extensive experience building games in Unity. He’s currently working on his passion project polyMorph — a free, generative software instrument designed for both live performance and studio use.
Website: jaytobin.com
Instagram: @jay__tobin 

Loren Tyler (she/they) is a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist whose work explores new possibilities in texture, geometry, pattern, and structure,  using a combination of electronic and physical techniques. Visual works use modern robotic manufacturing equipment with traditional art printing methods. Audio works merge natural acoustics with digital processing. Both mediums aim to find the balance of intricate technical detail and precision against the variation of natural materials.
Instagram: @loren.tyler.prints 

Emma Waddell (they/them) is a computer scientist and musician who recently graduated from NYU Gallatin. Their work is focused on how natural and biological processes influence algorithmic and computer music. This includes biological simulations, and the use of neural networks, as well as the study of communication using linguistics, and data sonification and visualization. They have received multiple research grants to study these ideas, and create new music using their computer and their saxophone. Some recent projects have included building an artificial intelligence through Supercollider that can interact with a live acoustic input and generate livecoding beats at varying intensities, and a video game that takes user input into a neural network and generates a live soundtrack trained on user choices.
Website: emmawaddell.com

Voyde also known as Indira Ardolic (any/all) is a New Media Artist and Creative Technologist from New York. She uses Unreal Engine to recreate experiences and dreams doting on a combination of mysticism and technology. She has worked on interactive installations, AR and VR experiences, as an educator and more! She has also organized events, participated as a speaker and panelist, and is an active member in NYC’s creative community. 
Website: indirawrs.com
Instagram: @voydescreamsback

Shelly Xiong (she/they) is a multimedia artist and web developer currently living in Queens, NYC. They are engaged in animation, rapid prototyping, and the intersection between art and technology. Their work explores past memories and the comfort of nostalgia with the uneasiness and knowledge of an uncertain future.
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/shellylynnx/
TikTok: @shellylynnx

Andrew Yoon (he/him) is a New York-based Korean-American artist involved in music, poetry, and computers. Lately he is writing poems that change, making sounds with code, and sharing his love of reeds through the Melodica Drone and Bach Quartet. He is the founder of the arts journal and small press Nothing to Say. As a free culture advocate, everything he makes is under copyleft licenses.
Website: andrewyoon.art

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