[May 25-Oct 21] Untied / United by Beth Bradfish and Connie Noyes

Beth Bradfish, composer/sound artist, and Connie Noyes, multi-disciplinary artist, in collaboration the Harvestworks TEAM, use micro technologies to create this interactive installation. Visual elements in the room work in unison with the soundscape to evoke both the fragility and resilience of close relationships. Elastic threads create a web-like pattern. Once the threads are touched, the relationship with the room begins. Sounds build and mix unpredictably depending on the density of the threads and how many people are interacting with them at any given time.

DATES: May 25-July 22 (Extended to October 21, 2018) from noon – 5 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Mondays

LOCATION: Governors Island Building 8a Nolan Park


Beth Bradfish is a composer and sound artist whose goal is to bring her audience as close to sound as possible – like a musician holding a cello to his or her heart. The permeability and physical intimacy of sound is the foundation of experiences she creates and invites her audiences to participate in. She composes for chamber ensembles and orchestras as well as for installations and tactile sound objects that she designs.

Connie Noyes is a visual artist born in Washington DC in 1955. She received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a MA in psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University in California and a BA from Virginia Intermont College. She views her work and her life as one in the same, making personal, yet universal, experiences and emotions visible.

Press Quotes

 “Sunday, January 14th, the Chicago Composers Orchestra is performing Beth Bradfish’s piece Fanfare with Singing Insects of South Pond, Lincoln Park. Bradfish is a groundbreaking electronic composer whose works are as heartfelt as they are daring. Incorporating field recordings of people and places that she loves, Bradfish’s work has an emotional immediacy that lends it an incredible power.”

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