[May 25-July 22] ‘New Order of Being’ by Laura Kim

New Order Of Being (N.O.O.B.),

Audio-visually twisting and re-purposing over-simplified neuroscience terminology disseminated through news outlets, New Order Of Being (N.O.O.B.) neurotically investigates highly controlled social media ecologies that continue to aggressively evolve and tactfully capitalize on primal human desires. As portrayed in speculative fiction writer William Gibson’s cyberpunk future, perhaps the perceptual weight of our post-control collective nervous tissues will call for new sensibilities and awareness towards a new order of being (Idoru, 1996).

LOCATION: Governors Island, Nolan Park Building 8a

DATES AND TIMES:  May 25 – October 21, 2018

TIMES:  Fri. Sat. Sun and Holiday Mondays noon – 5 pm

Governors Island New York Ferry Schedule

Kim’s work encapsulates a sensibility of pop culture from both regions [US and South Korea]. Her videos offer a meta ventriloquism that harks back to the likes of Max Headroom, but with a visual touch of Lisa Frank.  – Dorothy S. Santos, Bay Area Digitalists, 2015

Self-proclaimed “weird-side-of-the-internet evangelist” Laura Kim uses a hypnotic combination of dance and sound to explore how people interact with their mobile phones [(Modern) Formations II].  – Brett Schlough, Tone Madison, 2017

Visual elements of the video [EXTINCTION] harken old-school internet aesthetic (low-res flashing colors and wingdings) but the message remains enchanting.  – Kara Q. Smith, ArtSlant, 2013

Artist Bio

Laura Hyunjhee Kim is a multimedia artist who renders familiar physical experiences into fabricated (non)existent spaces that reimagine digital culture and virtual living. Kim has shown works in on/offline exhibition spaces and screenings around the world including the Internet Archive, São Paulo Cultural Center, Ever Gold Projects, Kadist Art Foundation, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, New York Anthology Film Archives, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, Dresden Artists’ Exposition in Germany, quARTel – Galeria Municipal de Arte, Fei Contemporary Art Center-Shanghai, Super Art Modern Museum (SPAMM), The Wrong-New Digital Art Biennale and she was an artist in residence at the Internet Archive, Black & White Projects and Korea National University of the Arts. Kim was the recipient of the inaugural ArtSlant Award in New Media and her work has appeared in Hyperallergic, KQED, Daily Serving, San Francisco Chronicle, The Creators Project, and the Living Room Light Exchange. She is currently a PhD student in CU-Boulder’s Doctoral Program in Intermedia Art, Writing, and Performance.











Soundtrack “Hybrid” by Chris Corrente (Resident Research Fellow, SEICA Human Interaction Labs),
Laura Loremipsum (Human Condition Research Lab, SEICA Human Interaction Labs)


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Podcast: The world of “Digital Aura,” part I, Tone Madison, July 6, 2017
Sonic Futures at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Tanya Gayer, Daily Serving, May 3, 2017


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