[Artist Studios] Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow and N’CHI App (Beta) by Jakob Dwight

Autonomous Prism | Solarwind Over Sorrow are two lightboxes featuring exploring cinematographic and illuminated abstraction through filmic prints  N’CHI is a sci-fi world-building app and micronation generator for mobile smartphone. Autonomous Prism / Solarwind Over Sorrow are two light boxes featuring filmic prints from an ongoing series of digital imagery… Continue reading

[Artist Studios] Audio Chandelier: Polyélaios by Dafna Naphtali / Ayala Naphtali

AUDIO CHANDELIER: POLYÉLAIOS, a multi-channel interactive sound installation by Dafna Naphtali, featuring a kinetic audio speaker sculpture created in collaboration with metalsmith/designer Ayala Naphtali. Individual “grains” of nearly static sound are dispersed via the speaker sculpture in an immersive sonic experience, as undulating audio “pixels” illuminate and refract moments in… Continue reading

Congrats to Composer George Lewis

Harvestworks congrats George Lewis on his New York Times Article, “Lifting the Cone of Silence from Black Composer.” July 3, 2020. Some quotes from the article: “A cone of silence hangs over the work of Black composers from Africa and its diaspora. It is not that Black men and women… Continue reading

[FROM OUR ARCHIVE] Longitudinal Vibration by Ellen Fullman

Congrats to composer Ellen Fullman on her New York Times article and on the Guggenheim Award that she received this year. Check out an early recording of Longitudinal Vibration, a musical instrument composed of 50 foot wires coupled to a plywood box resonator. Played by the composer and David Weinstein. Recorded on June 17, 1984.… Continue reading

[May 19] Bass & Electronics by Mike Bullock

A live improvisation integrating contrabass, field recordings, and synthesis. Mike is a resident at Harvestworks this year designing and building a Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) system that will be portable and flexible.  Join us at: Twitch.TV/harvestworks  Note: to chat with Mike, you need to have a twitch account. Tuesday, May… Continue reading

[28. April] Auroboros by Bob Bellerue

Auroboros is an interactive sound installation and performance system. Vocal recordings can be made by performers and audience members, and the playback can be manual or automated via a Supercollider patch. The sound is diffused through traditional speakers and homemade speaker objects made out of resonant materials/instruments with drivers and… Continue reading