[Aug 28 – Oct 31] Luciferins by Katherine Bennett

Influenced by the cultural shifts that technology creates, this series of fiber installations—The Masquerades of the Soft Machines— imagines a future dystopia warped by technology. The surreptitious collection of personal data has led to humanity controlled by the machine. Luciferins is one project in this series. Luciferins is inspired by… Continue reading

[May 8 – Aug 8] Audio Chandelier: Polyélaios

AUDIO CHANDELIER: POLYÉLAIOS, is a new multi-channel audio speaker sculpture by Dafna Naphtali [sound artist] in collaboration with metalsmith/designer Ayala Naphtali.   Individual “grains” of sound are dispersed via the speaker sculpture in an immersive sonic experience– undulating audio “pixels” illuminate and refract moments in time, eliciting reminiscent soundscapes, environmental / electronic… Continue reading

May 2021 News

This Weekend! All Over Everywhere A virtual experience by SHAUN IRONS & LAUREN PETTY. Streaming live from MITU 580: May 21 & 22, 2021 @ 7:30PM EST. Featuring: Elizabeth Carena, Saori Tsukada, and Dee Beasnael. All Over Everywhere is a hymn to the natural world and a response to the anxieties and… Continue reading

[May 8 – Aug 8] Recalibrating by Andrew Demirjian

Recalibrating  – An emergency response drone scours the landscape looking for human life in a world where people are mysteriously absent. Announcements from the drone’s megaphone echo across the terrain as its onboard artificial intelligence system grapples with a world that was unimagined by its programmers. Unable to accomplish its encoded objective, the drone attempts… Continue reading

Going On Now

Today Online Color Light Motion Episode 3 Sat April 24 at 1:00 pm PST. 4:00 pm EST. Color Light Motion Episode 3 presented by UCLA Art|Sci Center + Harvestworks NY + David Bermant Foundation featuring guest Christiane Paul who will be discussing the kinetics, optics and abstract imagery within the David Bermant collection. A spring series featuring media… Continue reading

It’s April 2021! News for You

This Weekend Sun. April 11, 2021 3-5 pm NYC Time (21:00 in Central Europe) Zoom In: OLAP #7 with Experimental Sound Studio (ESS) to talk about their Quarantine Concerts (TQC), an online streaming hub created in March 2020. OLAP is an open forum about Online Live Art Performance. A partnership with Experimental Intermedia moderated by Katherine Liberovskaya and Harvestworks Director Carol Parkinson. FREE… Continue reading

[Mar 27] Color, Light, Motion Episode 2

Art|Sci Center + Harvestworks NY + David Bermant Foundation present Color, Light, Motion Episode 2 with DAVID FAMILIAN AND KAREN MOSS Date: March 27 Time: 1 PM PST. 4 PM EST Location: STREAM HERE COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION, is an online series featuring media artists and scholars in dialogue about artworks… Continue reading

[Mar 20] Foreign Correspondence 004

Foreign Correspondence is an audio/visual series focused on international contemporary video art, including film, video synthesis and expanded cinema. Episodes premiere on Manhattan public access Channel 4 and via Harvestworks’ livestream, where each is archived and available for later viewing. Episode_04 Curated by Sofy YuditskayaSaturday, March 20st, 2021 Time 9:00P… Continue reading

More March Events

TODAY! Sat March 27 at 1:00 pm PST. 4:00 pm EST. Color Light Motion presented by UCLA Art|Sci Center + Harvestworks NY + David Bermant Foundation featuring guests Karen Moss and David Familian. A spring series featuring media artists and scholars in dialogue about artworks from the Bermant Collection of media and kinetic arts. STREAM HERE Tomorrow! Sun. Mar 28, 2021 3-5 pm… Continue reading