[Aug 27] Melody Loveless – Performance featuring live coding and vocal sampling.

This event features musician and educator Melody Loveless, who will perform using Sonic Pi, a live coding synthesizer based on Ruby. Location: Harvestworks Art and Technology Building, 10a Nolan Park, Governors Island Saturday August 27, 2022 – 2pm, for approximately 1 hour. Live coding is the act of altering algorithms… Continue reading

[July 16] Creative Play with Yehwan Song

The web is an experimental, diverse, and creative medium. Web artist Yehwan Song creates anti-friendly, unconventional, and independent websites, attempting to overturn general understandings of web design and subvert user behavior. At the workshop, Yehwan will install her artwork “Aquarium” and invite participants to interact with this piece. Aquarium is… Continue reading