[Sept 18] Women’s Labor: Performance

A feminist activist project, Women’s Labor repurposes domestic tools to become new musical instruments using embedded technologies, explored in interactive installations, commissioned compositions, and performances. Traditionally relegated to the private sphere, we interrogate domesticity through public engagement. The first instrument featured in installation/performance is Embedded Iron, based on an early-20th… Continue reading

[July 12, July 19, July 30] Collab-Hub, a tool for interconnected audiovisual performance, installations, and more.

Learn to use Collab-Hub for remote/local collaboration with tools like Max, Pd, Arduino, Web. Participants will become familiar with Collab-Hub and create collaborative projects. Workshops on July 12th and July 19 from 1 – 3 pmPerformance on July 30th is documented on the Harvestworks YouTube Channel Location: Online – email… Continue reading

[July 14] Distant Pairs with Laetitia Sonami and Viola Yip

Wednesday, July 14th, ISSUE Project Room & Harvestworks are pleased to stream PineApple on a Lonely Island, the debut collaboration between experimental composer, improviser, sound artist, and instrument builder Viola Yip and sound artist, performer and instrument builder Laetitia Sonami. The duo’s debut work will stream on ISSUE’s site. •      DATES AND… Continue reading

[July 15] Distant Pairs with Carmen Baliero and Cecilia Lopez

Thursday, July 15th, ISSUE Project Room & Harvestworks are pleased to stream AEROSILLA (el turismo posible), a new collaborative work by New York-based composer, musician and multimedia artist Cecilia Lopez and Buenos Aires-based composer and performer Carmen Baliero. Both born in Buenos Aires, the pair have an expansive collaborative history that spans decades. The… Continue reading

[July 3 – RAIN DATE July 4] MUGIC® Magic! Violin with motion sensor by Mari Kimura

Guggenheim award-winning composer/violinist, educator/entrepreneur Mari Kimura will give a thrilling demonstration of MUGIC®, a WIFI motion sensor designed for musicians, performers, dancers and beyond. Mari will demonstrate how MUGIC® works in many situations, as well as perform works she wrote using MUGIC®.  The commercial version of MUGIC® was released last… Continue reading