[Aug. 31] Intern Presentation: Instruments Of Choice

Eight performers, four pieces, one show. This concert consists of a variety of artistic performances. Live electronics, visuals, acoustic and electronic instruments all come together and create an hour-long show. There are three solo performances and one band performance. The over-all theme of the evening is the interplay between humans and their instruments of choice. Continue reading

[Video] Perfect Paul: On Freedom of Facial Expression

Perfect Paul is a sequel to my (in)famous Huge Harry lecture/ performance in which a digital persona lectures on computer to human communication. This new lecture/ performance, in a highly condensed fashion, will present the results of my recently completed doctoral artistic research entitled: “Facial Hacking: The Twisted Logic of Electro-Facial Choreography.” Perfect Paul will demonstrate in a live computer versus human showdown the superior qualities of digital versus neural facial control. Perfect Paul, when performed for the first time in Bilbao, Spain won the Technarte 2012 Best Speaker Award. Continue reading

[Video] Juraj Kojs, Marco Donnarumma, Mari Kimura & Tomoyuki Kato

Juraj Kos’ TOUCH EM HEAR is an experimental multimedia work that explores the relationship between touch, sound and movement. Marco Donnarumma’s OMINOUS embodies before the audience the metaphor of an invisible and unknown object enclosed in the composer’s hands. Mari Kimura’s & Tomoyuki Kato’s ONE is an interactive audio/graphic multi-lingual opera, with the theme of “love, humanity, faith and global solidarity”. Continue reading

[June 28] Channel 16 – Brown Cuts Neighbors

In this screening and talk inter-disciplinary artist Jason Martin presents his work with the expansive collective Brown Cuts Neighbors, a band and Public Access TV program that ran from 1989 to 2002 in Schenectady, NY. In these years, Brown Cuts Neighbors created more than one hundred videos that revel in the liminal spaces of late night television. Bringing together bizarre fables, a cast of imaginary characters, and a channel-surfing montage, these intensely chromatic films unveil a submerged media satire and wonderment. Continue reading

[Jun 23] Pauline Oliveros, Susie Ibarra, Roberto Rodriguez, JG Thirlwell

Pauline Oliveros performs ALONG THE WAY, a solo improvisation using the V accordion, using the different voices of the V-Accordion with the composer’s own Expanded Instrument System (EIS). Susie Ibarra, Roberto Rodriguez and David Baron present DIGITAL SANCTUARIES, a performance for a sound walk that invites the public on a virtual pilgrimage, finding meditative spaces marked by ever-changing music. JG Thirlwell will present a chamber ensemble version of MANOREXIA, a project that started as an electronic and sample based project where the composer wanted to explore a spatial quality not existent in his other work. This event is part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival, in partnership with River To River Festival. Continue reading

[Video] Heayoung Kim’s Moori at New York Hall Of Science

Somewhere between a performance and workshop series — New York Hall of Science’s EXPOSED explores and unearths the science, innovation and/or nuances of a variety of different projects and products via an interactive experience, conversation and cocktails. Harvestworks Artist In Residence Heayoung Kim performs MOORI, an interactive performance using smart phones and tablets that allows users to build collaborative storytelling through exchanging messages. Continue reading

[June 21] MakeMusicNY: Hans Tammen’s Third Eye CircuitBent Orchestra

MakeMusicNewYork is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year, with over 1,000 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs. For this year’s MakeMusicNY MASS APPEAL, we’re looking for performers of circuit bent instruments, noise makers and smartphones. Conducted by Hans Tammen, this Third Eye Make Music NY Orchestra uses Earle Brown’s open form composition idea as a starting point to create a large multi-movement piece. Continue reading