[Video] Noble Blatant Lies: Splintered AV Chaos through 3D Glasses

Jeff Noble joins Blatant Lies (Adam Rokhsar and Hans Tammen) bringing edgy motion sensing of audio and 3D video to their visceral blast of modular synths and smartphone samples. Blatant Lies is a battle of analog and digital sounds as Hans Tammen and Adam Rokhsar use modular synths and the sensors hidden in smart phones to make a new form of rhythmic contortion. As a trio, the group performs an aggressive burst of splintered AV chaos. Continue reading

[Video] UnCaged Toy Piano Festival Special Event

Anthony Marasco, composer and winner of the 2013 UnCaged Toy Piano Festival will be performing a series of new and improvised pieces with guitarist Michael Greinke. Drawing from unique sound sources such as homemade acoustic instruments, simple circuit-synthesizers and radical guitar preparations, the duo focuses on a communal approach to building sonic landscapes. Come see the man of the hour perform some of his own homemade electronics! Continue reading

[Video] Lori Napoleon – Meridian7

In this event at Church For All Nations, Lori Napoleon aka Meridian7 performed an analog audio excursion that brings original telephone equipment back to life. This event was part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival, in partnership with Church For All Nations and Hells Kitchen Cultural Center / Rhythm In The Kitchen Festival. Continue reading

[Video] Robert Lisek: Bafomet’s Star

We are pleased to present The Bafomet’s Star, a performance by artist and mathematician Robert B. Lisek. The project uses different kinds of electromagnetic spectrum, in particular the emission of radiation through the use of radioactive materials such as Thorium for creation of real randomness states. The performance has a character of a ritual, which recombines the ceremony of “Babalon working”, first presented in London in 1910 by a famous British occultist Aleister Crowley, and subsequently conducted by Jack Parsons – a scientist and founder of rocket Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1946 in Los Angeles. Continue reading

[Video] Ligia Teixeira & Ivan Franco: Strings Of Thought #2

A woman sits on a chair and from her head several strings emerge to form a network structure like dendritic trees of neurons. These cells generate electric signals based on potential voltage and the reaction to outside stimuli. Strings of Thought #2 is an interactive installation that invites the audience to explore and play with a musical meta-instrument and collaboratively create an intricate soundscape. Continue reading

[Video] BARBS: Birgit ulher, AndRew drury, Bill hSu

BARBS is a series of audiovisual conjectures, retorts, and ripostes with improvised music and animation. Each piece creates an interactive environment of veiled implication and sonic innuendo that responds to the real-time input of gesture and audio. Animations are projected on stage with the performers, responding to their sounds and constituting a key element in a three way barb-fest. With former Harvestworks Artist In Residence Bill Hsu, Birgit Ulher and Andrew Drury. Continue reading