[Video] Phillip Stears: Imminent Shift

In this event at Church For All Nations, Phillip Stearns was exploring the physiological dimensions of electronic media reduced to their elementary components: light and sound. This event was part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival, in partnership with Church For All Nations and Hells Kitchen Cultural Center / Rhythm In The Kitchen Festival. Continue reading

[Video] Matthew Tennie CTE-Grant Presentation

The July 2013 presentation of Matthew Tennie’s CTE Flight 18 project (renamed Infinite Sky). His project is an interactive science education installation allowing users to experience the solar system by flying a virtual spaceship. In this presentation, you will hear him talk about his goals for the project, answer questions from the Board of Advisors who are evaluating the project and view the prototype controller and multi-screen installation. Continue reading

[Video] Certificate Presentation: Luise Steuckart

Luise Steuckart creates virtually living sculptures in a realtime 3D environment. By questioning the concept of movement, Steuckart wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images and appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, space and time bend. She finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own vulnerabilities. Continue reading

[Video] Juraj Kojs, Marco Donnarumma, Mari Kimura & Tomoyuki Kato

Juraj Kos’ TOUCH EM HEAR is an experimental multimedia work that explores the relationship between touch, sound and movement. Marco Donnarumma’s OMINOUS embodies before the audience the metaphor of an invisible and unknown object enclosed in the composer’s hands. Mari Kimura’s & Tomoyuki Kato’s ONE is an interactive audio/graphic multi-lingual opera, with the theme of “love, humanity, faith and global solidarity”. Continue reading

[Video] Heayoung Kim’s Moori at New York Hall Of Science

Somewhere between a performance and workshop series — New York Hall of Science’s EXPOSED explores and unearths the science, innovation and/or nuances of a variety of different projects and products via an interactive experience, conversation and cocktails. Harvestworks Artist In Residence Heayoung Kim performs MOORI, an interactive performance using smart phones and tablets that allows users to build collaborative storytelling through exchanging messages. Continue reading

[Video] Suzanne Thorpe / Paul Geluso: Phloq

At St. Cornelius Chapel on Governors Island, Phloq is a multichannel work composed to evoke the sensorial experience of a flock of birds taking off. Via its physical diffusion, Phloq creates a provocative space that allows the listener to suspend their ties to previously known aural reference points, releasing them to a new sensorial interaction. Phloq’s content addresses issues of communication and interference, referencing the swirling mass of information we encounter on a daily basis. Continue reading

[Video] Adam Kendall: Toys’ Opera – The Casino

The Casino song-cycle, composed for Dafna Naphtali as vocalist and the Toys’ Opera multimedia instrument, explores misanthropomorphized detachment and the indifferent physics that contains and integrates us even in our most dire times of xenophobic introversion. Toys’ Opera is a performable kinetic sculpture of video, audio, and serially-controlled HO trains, models, and miniature cameras. It organizes procedural and algorithmic composition into phrases and gestures spanning and integrating the media. Continue reading