[Video] Meridian7, Peter Edwards, Denman Maroney & Hans Tammen, Phillip Stearns

In this event at Church For All Nations, Meridian7 will perform an analog audio excursion that brings original telephone equipment back to life; Peter Edwards uses sound and the light to reveal different layers of complex electrical systems which are then manipulated by hand to create audio visual patterns; Denman Maroney & Hans Tammen celebrate their collaboration with a new work for hyper piano and live sound processing; and Phillip Stearns is exploring the physiological dimensions of electronic media reduced to their elementary components: light and sound. Continue reading

[Video] Ligia Teixeira & Ivan Franco: Strings Of Thought #2

A woman sits on a chair and from her head several strings emerge to form a network structure like dendritic trees of neurons. These cells generate electric signals based on potential voltage and the reaction to outside stimuli. Strings of Thought #2 is an interactive installation that invites the audience to explore and play with a musical meta-instrument and collaboratively create an intricate soundscape. Continue reading

[Video] Phillip White: The Way the Rocks Hold the Current (III)

Over the course of two four-hour events, Philip White will perform on multiple nested feedback and analysis systems. A room microphone listens to the output of a multi-channel mixer feedback system, performs analysis on pitch and timbre, then using a series of vca’s in the feedback path, tries to match what it’s hearing. Because of the complexity of the signal, the analysis is largely inaccurate and results in an unstable oscillation which superimposes itself over the unstable oscillation of the mixer feedback generating small formal structures. Continue reading

[Video] Risk Management: Bruce Gremo & Hans Tammen

Under the name RISK MANAGEMENT, the music of Bruce Gremo and Hans Tammen is structured around playing techniques and instrument schemes which are by nature and by design precarious. Bruce Gremo is performing on the Cilia, his patented flute-controller instrument, originally developed in part through a grant from Harvestworks a decade ago. Hans Tammen plays an analog modular synthesizer built around chaotic behaviors. Continue reading

[Audio] TellusTools SoundCloud Remix Presentation

Since the release of this compilation, the idea of the mix and the methods in which one creates a remix have drastically evolved. For this exhibition, artists were asked to create an original remix of the tracks from TELLUS TOOLS that utilizes an innovative mixing method. These works were composed using a variety of techniques, from algorithmic processing to physical alterations of data from the audio. Each remixed composition is unique and highlights varying aspects of the original tracks. This exhibition displays the multiplicity of contemporary approaches to music and sound composition. Continue reading

[Video] Supply/Demand Part I – Radio to Internet

For their three part series of panel discussions accompanied by related performances and demonstrations, Supply / Demand, E.S.P. TV collaborates with ((audience)) and Harvestworks Digital Media Lab Center to gather practitioners from art and industry to discuss the metamorphosis of Audio Visual Media in general and the opportunities of on-demand distribution. Continue reading

[Video] GH Hovagimyan: 3D Karaoke with the Kinect

It is no accident that GH Hovaginyam chose the idea of Karaoke for this work. Part of the work is a dialog with old media (mass media) represented by the form of pop music and our collective access to it. The Kinect camera is also an extension of many of his previous video performance works but in this case adding an interactive component. There is of course the ongoing position of DIY and Hacker culture that has allowed him to use the camera and create an open source project. Continue reading

Video: Dan Joseph – Periodicity Piece #6

Dan Joseph’s Periodicity Piece #6 combines extensive pre-recorded musical/sonic materials, live digital processing, and, when possible, live instrumentalists, in the realization of a strictly arranged time-based score. The goal of the work is to establish multiple rates of periodicity, ranging from short musically metrical repetitions, to longer patterns of recurrence. The resulting experience of these simultaneously unfolding yet unrelated rates of periodicity, is to give the listener a rich and complex sense of passing time on multiple planes. This article also includes a video interview with the composer! Continue reading