[June 2- 9] Bob Bellerue – Oroboros multichannel installation, and Eternities performance with Katie Porter 

Photo Credit: Daniel Johnson

Oroboros is a multichannel sound installation written in the Supercollider programming language.  An ever-changing sequence of vocal recordings are spatialized through a traditional speaker array of any size, with additional sound objects made out speaker drivers and resonant metal.  The system operates via an algorithmic process which never repeats, and visitors can record their own vocal clips to add to the library. It can additionally be used in performance to capture instrumental and electronic sounds.  

Dates And Times:  

Open to the public June 2, 3, 4th and June 9, 2023 from 11am to 5 pm

Eternities Performance on June 9th with Katie Porter at 7 pm 


Harvestworks Art and Technology Program Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Excerpt from the performance:

Artist Bio:

Bob Bellerue is a sound artist, experimental musician, sound/video curator, and creative technician based in Ridgewood NY. Over the last 30+ years he has been involved in creating and presenting a wide range of sonic activities – noise, sound art, experimental music, junk metal percussion, Balinese gamelan, soundtracks for dance/ theater/ video/ performance art, and sound / video installations. Bob’s sound work is focused on multidimensional feedback systems, using amplified instruments, objects, recordings, and spaces, in combination with electronics and software written in the Supercollider audio synthesis programming language. Bob’s work has been presented by The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, Roulette Intermedium, MOMA/PS1, Pioneer Works, Experimental Intermedia, Cafe Oto, Fylkingen, EMS, High Zero Festival, the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, LUFF Festival, Akouphene Festival, Sonic Circuits Festival, CEAIT Festival, Cave12, Diapason Sound Gallery, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Oberlin College, the Art Institute of Chicago, Stanford University, NYU, UCSD, and UCLA. Bob’s discography includes dozens of releases on Elevator Bath Records, iDeal Recordings, Banned Productions, Fabrica, P-Tapes, RRR Records, Love Earth Music, Prison Tatt Records, Los Discos Enfantasmes, Zelphabet, Peyote Tapes, No Rent Records, and his own Anarchymoon Recordings and Sleepy Hollow Editions. He curates and produces the annual Ende Tymes Festival, and is the Technical Director for Pioneer Works and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. bobbellerue.net

Photo Credit: Loreno Sanjuan

Eternities is a collaboration between bass clarinetist Katie Porter (Utah) and sound artist Bob Bellerue (NYC). Their work is inspired by deep presence, resonant feedback, melodic drone, and overtone magic, in the fluid realm between intention and indeterminacy. https://harmonicoozerecords.bandcamp.com/album/realness

Katie Porter is a clarinetist and curator specializing in experimental music. Passionate about fostering musical communities, she co-founded Listen/Space in Brooklyn, the Listen/Space Commissions in the mountains of Utah, and the biennial VU Symposium for experimental, electronic and improvised music. Devoted to collaboration, Katie’s current projects include, Red Desert Ensemble with percussionist/composer Devin Maxwell, Quartet or Two Duos with James Ilgenfritz, Lucie Vítková, and Teerapat Parnmonkol in NYC, Phase to Phase a bass clarinet duo with Lucio Capece in Berlin, Malosma a bass clarinet and bass flute duo with Christine Tavolacci in LA, and Eternities with the noise artist Bob Bellerue in NYC. She has premiered works by Sarah Hennies, Teodora Stepančić, Andre Cormier, Daniel Goode, John Luther Adams, Yvette Janine Jackson, Manuela Meier, Michael Pisaro, Jurg Frey, Laura Cetilia, Brian Harnetty, Phill Niblock, Carolyn Chen, Patricia Alessandrini, Nomi Epstein, Quentin Tolimieri and Christian Wolff, among many others. She can be heard on the labels Another Timbre (UK), Gravity Wave / Erstwhile (US), Edition Wandelweiser (DE), FTARRI (Japan), Infrequent Seams (US), Karl Records (DE), and Editions Verde (US). Katie is working to record a giant multi-year project for solo clarinet in Nancy Holt’s land artwork, Sun Tunnels, in the remote Utah desert. www.fromkp.com


“Bellerue weds roil with repose in works of caustic beauty” Night After Night (Steven Smith)

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Katie Porter 



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