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This Weekend!

The Art and Technology Program – Bldg 10a Nolan Park Governors Island

Sonic Environments #1 with Matthew Gantt

Join the Experience Lab

[June 25, 2022 @1pm] The Harvestworks’ Experience Lab Workshops presents Sonic Environments and Worldbuilding w/ WebVR (participants should bring their own laptop). Conducted by artist Matthew D. Gantt, the focus is on the creative use of the free and open source Mozilla Hubs platform. No prior experience or coding required. Participants will learn how to create their own online, 3D virtual worlds from scratch using WebVR and connect this skill-building to the history of experimental music, spatial sound and media art. 10 students max. FREE with Sign Up.

enTsemble: F(r)iction, a performance

…and the performance

[Sunday June 26, 2022 @ 3pm] Building 9 Nolan Park, Governors Island. Harvestworks is pleased to partner with the Institute for Public Architecture to present an experimental audio visual performance by enTsemble. Sofy Yuditskaya, Monica Rocha, Johannes Sistermanns and Hans Tammen come together for sound, the silences between the sounds, the architecture and how we relate to it and each other within it. FREE. Limited capacity.

Untitled: For Conch Shell, Ceramic Speaker and secondary reflective sound, 2022. Miya Masaoka. Photo by Regina Toh.

Visit us on the weekends from May 28, 2022 – August 7, 2022 for Listening and Seeing – An Art and Tech Exhibition. The exhibition features major new works created by Guggenheim award winning composer Miya Masaoka, New York State Council on the Arts – New Technology awardees Joe Diebes, Michael Schumacher, Edin Velez and Harvestworks artists Surabhi Saraf and Ivana Dama. Open weekends 11am – 5pm. Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island.

The Ear Hut

The Ear Hut + Listen Ahead, a listening station created by Miya Masaoka. On the river’s edge at building 12, visit the Ear Hut, a contemplative space and listening experience featuring a new composition by acclaimed sound artist Stephen Vitiello. Experience the mix of sounds from the outside soundscape to the embedded compositions coming through the Ear-Dows. Weekends, 11am-5pm.

In The Studios

Regina, our Summer Intern Coordinator
Technical Interns Alex and Soeun

Based upon their background and interests, interns work on audio, video or other technical projects, teach other interns and artists, learn from our media collection and meet our community. Get involved!

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