[Oct 31] Blake Shaw: The Bridge / Nomad OS (Artist Open Studio at LiSA: Leaders in Software And Art)

Blake Shaw will present a work in progress titled “The Bridge”. The Bridge is a project to facilitate real-time collaborations amongst artist across borders using Nomad OS, a modular peer-to-peer live streaming video software currently in development that allows video, graffiti, and performance artists to collaborate on projects across space in cities and with people they would otherwise be unable to physically visit due to international immigration law, starting in Israel and Palestine.

Leaders in Software and Art was founded in 2009 to bring together the community of software and electronic artists, creative coders, data visualists, curators, collectors, digital and interactive agencies, and others who make their careers at the intersection of art and technology. Continue reading

[Video] Certificate Presentation: Luise Steuckart

Luise Steuckart creates virtually living sculptures in a realtime 3D environment. By questioning the concept of movement, Steuckart wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images and appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, space and time bend. She finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humour that echoes our own vulnerabilities. Continue reading