2002 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Marina Rosenfeld Marina Rosenfeld (Music) for completion of delusional situation, a sound installation inspired by the Paul Celan poem “You–all, all real. I–all delusion.” By creating a surround sound mix with a variety of different sounds, the listener will be able to have a temporary sense of experience… Continue reading

2001 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Ina Archer Ina Archer (Installation) for work on an installation that explores issues surrounding labor and ownership in the film industry, the interactions between racial/ethnic representations and transitional technological movements in media. Ina is an installation and video artist whose works include: Bert Wheeler(ing): Just keep On Doin’… Continue reading

2000 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Zoe Beloff Zoe Beloff (Film/Video) for the completion of the soundtrack for her stereoscopic 16mm b&w film entitled Shadow Land From the Other Side. The film’s title is taken from the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth d’Esperance, a materializing medium who could produce full body apparitions. Zoe is a… Continue reading

1999 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Ricardo Arias Ricardo Arias for the development and recording of Interactive Mapaphone(s), a self-contained instrument for use in interactive compositions. The piece(s) will utilize mapaphones (hand-held magnetic playback heads) reading prerecorded audio from strips of magnetic tape in conjunction with a variety of sensors feeding into Opcode’s Max… Continue reading

1998 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Ellen Christi Ellen Christi for her work “Simultaneous Imagery,” exploring the combination of electronic and acoustic sounds. The work is scored for electric guitar, bass, cello, drums and voice, processed through a series of overdubbings and manipulations and combined with pre-recorded samples. “Simultaneous Imagery” will be performed at… Continue reading

1997 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Judy Dunaway Judy Dunaway for compositions that will complete a body of work to be released on a CD from Composers Recordings, Inc. The compositions incorporate a 16″ round latex balloon along with other (more or less) conventional instruments. The new pieces will include a duet with the… Continue reading

1996 New Works Residencies

New Works Residencies Caterina Borelli and Sandra Seymour Caterina Borelli and Sandra Seymour for the soundtrack on “Metrics,” the second in a series of three video tapes that investigate the similarities and differences between literary work and works that employ moving images. The music will be composed with found/recorded sound of industrial machinery. The first… Continue reading

1995 New Works Residencies

New Works Residency Jo Andres Jo Andres for sounddesign of the experimental film, World Citizen, based on the 1992 journals of visual artist Izeta Gradevic in her hometown of Sarajevo. Tony Allard/Kristine Diekman Tony Allard/Kristine Diekman for an audio track for Corpse and Mirror, a videotape based on a monologue written by… Continue reading

1994 New Works + Programming Residencies

New Works Residencies Jane Ira Bloom “Pilobolus Score” will incorporate samples of the “sonic output” from the spontaneous interaction between improvising musicians and dancers for the premiere dance company, Pilobolus. Yau Ching “Building A New Stove” is a personal documentary/exploration of the forthcoming takeover of Hong Kong by mainland China… Continue reading