[July 9th] Creative Play with Persia Wu: Entanglement

“Entanglement” is an audio-visual interpersonal embodied project – Tangible embodied soundscape as a romantic metaphor of quantum entanglement. Upon the encounter, you share a common, unified state driven by the attracted particle system. 

Saturday, July 9th 2022, from 1-3pm •
RUN TIME OF PERFORMANCE: Real-Time – Limited to 2 people at the same time
Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which entangled systems exhibit correlations no matter how far apart the particles involved are in space once they have linked up in a certain way. It has been suggested that a similar process occurs between people, like you can feel the telepathy towards someone you are attached to, your fate is influenced by each other. Interpersonal attachment, quantum physics, they look completely unrelated and yet strangely parallel.To curate the experience of tangible sound sculpture, the project uses kinect azure to track the body of participants calculating the distance between bodies at the same time. As participants get closer to each other with bodies or hands, the gradually occurring sound acts as the feedback for the invisible tangible entanglement. As they listen, they “see”, they get in touch. The particle systems are generated from the position of one and attracted to another which leaves a visual trail of entanglement and randomness contributing to the whole entangled system.

Persia Wu is a digital artist currently studying at NYU ITP. She explores multi-sensory abstract storytelling. Her practice covers interactive installations, audio-visual reactive animation, experimental film as well as live performance with game engine. Mainly researching on consciousness, virtual identity, existential philosophy and psychedelic experience.

Website: www.peixian-wu.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/px_itp_experiments/

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