[June 10] SAWT OUT – Experimental improvised music from Berlin

Photo by Misha

The Ensemble

Burkhard Beins (D) – Percussion

Mazen Kerbage (LB) – Trumpet

Michael Vorfeld. (D) – Percussion 

Since its foundation in 2015 the Berlin-based trio Sawt Out has shaped and refined its profile as a prominent improvisational unit. With their unusual acoustic instrumentation of trumpet and two sets of percussion these three gentlemen create bewildering sound worlds rich in detail and of tight musical interaction. Sawt Out has played numerous concerts throughout Europe, Asia and beyond. This current tour is their first live appearance in the US.

Excerpt from the performance:


Sawt Out should be listened to the same way as satellite photos from a distant planet are observed.

Ken Waxman, Jazzword

This set works quite well on its own terms and will certainly be enjoyed by listeners with a taste for active, visceral improv.

Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

The dynamic excursions are so unpredictable and rich in sonic data that joining the rational mayhem becomes a convenient solution to defy disorientation.

Massimo Ricci, The Squid’s Ear


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