[June 30 – Oct 29] Cathedral-64 by Emmett Palaima

Cathedral-64 is an immersive audio installation and instrument exploring the use of a very large number of spatialized sound sources. 64 individually controlled speakers driven by a custom electronic audio system are mounted to the walls and ceiling of the space, surrounding the listener in 3-dimensional sound. The piece explores the musical and psychoacoustic possibilities of this instrument, with an emphasis on continued compositional experimentation throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Opening Friday June 30th Closing October 29, 2023

Open to the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-5 pm

Location: Harvestworks Art and Technology Building 10a, Nolan Park, Governors Island

Artist Bio:

Emmett Palaima is an artist working with electronics and esoteric processes of sound creation. His practice is conceptually rooted in the idea that technology and magic are one and the same, and that electricity is a manifestation of the divine or elemental forces underlying physical reality. In his work he seeks alternatively to celebrate the power of this force and give it worship, through the creation of devotional objects and intensely physical electronic experiences, and to analyze humanity’s relationship to this force in the context of a globalized industrial economy.

His past work includes solo and group gallery exhibitions, exhibition at Currents New Media Festival and Fusebox Festival, work as a Sound Technologist for immersive art installations with Meow Wolf Creative Studios and Dadalab, work on installation audio for the Whitney Biennial and the Palm Springs Art Museum, performance as a touring musician with Elizabeth Colour Wheel, and professional design of guitar pedals and synthesizers. His practice is a consolidation of these diverse influences, combining elements of functional and aesthetic design, sound, performance, and immersive space. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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