Late February 2022

[Feb 26] COLOR, LIGHT, MOTION Episode #9

Carousel of Physics Chladni Plate Detail

The Color, Light, Motion series continues with Episode 9, which will focus on educational programs, supported by the David Bermant Foundation. The spotlight is on Amir Abo-Shaeer and Emily Shaeer who foounded the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA). Special guests are Agnes Chavez (Santa Fe) who leads STEMarts and author Claudia Schnugg (Austria) who is writing a book on STEAM. Produced in collaboration with the David Bermant Foundation and the ArtSci team at UCLA.

[Feb 27, 3:00pm EST] OLAP #10 with UnStumm

UnStumm Augmented Aether 6 Recorded in Dresden copyright UnStumm

Our collaboration with Experimental Intermedia continues with our tenth OLAP – Online Live Art Performance community discussion forum. For this event we hve invited time based media artist Claudia Schmitz and sound artist Nicola L. Hein to talk about their work UnStumm | Augmented Voyage, one of their projects as UnStumm.

[Feb 27 @11pm EST] FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE 005 with Dylan A. Marcheschi, Jenn Grossman, Benton C Bainbridge, Niko Tiainen, Jim Tuite and Hans Tammen.

Video Still by Jenn Grossman

Foreign Correspondence is an audio/visual series focused on international contemporary video art, including film, video synthesis and expanded cinema. Streamed live on Harvestworks YouTube channel.

[Feb 26] The TP Program Update

Photo of Michael Schumacher at the Paula Cooper Gallery

Our 2022 Technology Immersion Program continues with Master Class #10 with composer Michael J. Schumacher who will talk about his sound art gallery “Diapason”, his approaches to composition and his thoughts on social and architectural spaces and their effect on listening.


Photo of Assembly by Carol Parkinson

Congratulations to Rashaad Newsome (AIR 2005) for Assembly, a successful show at the Park Ave. Armort. A must see!


Video still from the Synthesis Series performance Fall 2021

Harvestworks is pleased to partner with NowNet Arts and Experimental Intermedia to provide a network arts studio for artists (composers, musicians and moving image artists) to participate in the NowNet Arts Hub. Artists who are interested in participating should contact Sarah Weaver.

“Living Room Pieces” by Michael Schumacer

The System

Living Room Pieces is a sound installation by Michael Schumacher that explores listening in the home over long time periods. You set it up, start it, and over the course of the two month loan period, it occasionally, unexpectedly, makes sounds, always in different ways. Its huge inventory of sounds and the unpredictability of their occurrence create a listening environment that transforms one’s relationship to physical, architectural, social and aural space. Contact Harvestworks for more information.

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