January 2021 News

Welcome 2021 with Online Events Sunday January 17th from 3 – 5 pm ZOOM IN: OLAP #1 with guests John King and Brandon Collwes who will share their experience conceiving and running Sonic Gatherings. Moderated by Katherine Liberovskaya of Experimental Intermedia and Harvestworks Director Carol Parkinson. An open forum about Online Live Art Performance. Foreign Correspondence 003 January 22 @ 9 pm curated by… Continue reading

Fall 2020 News

WebVersion with pictures! Weekend Outdoor Events https://qubitmusic.com Saturday Oct 31 Two performances: 11:15am-1:15pm and 3:15pm- 5 : 1 5 p m . Out/With/In is a day-long experience where the psychological disorientation of the pandemic is applied to instrumental and environmental sound, deliriously blurring the lines between audience and performer, concert… Continue reading

October 2020 News

Web Version with Pictures!   Upcoming Events Saturdays Sept. 26, and Oct 3, 10, 17 and 24 @ 3 pm. Join Us for Hey Neighbor, a series of one-on-one conversations between artists-in-residence on Governors Island live-streamed from the porches of Nolan Park. Featuring Harvestworks studio resident artists Katherine Bennett, Joseph… Continue reading

Early Fall 2020

Upcoming Online Telluric Vibrations Wednesday Sept 9, 2020 from 3 – 7 pm EDT Harvestworks partners with the UCLA ArtSci Team’s Telluric Vibrations, the LA hub of the Ars Electronica Festival 2020 In Kepler’s Gardens. This year’s largest festival for Art, Technology and Society simply wants to know “what to… Continue reading

Summer 2020 News

Web Version with Pictures   Upcoming Online August 11, 2020 featureTuesday August 11, 2 pm PST, 5 pm EDT, Europe: 11:00 pm CET. Performed by Sound Artist Bill Fontana, Sonic Dreamscapes 2020 is an artistic research project exploring the quality of timelessness – a meditation at the San Francisco Bay during the COVID-19 crisis.… Continue reading

Congrats to Composer George Lewis

Harvestworks congrats George Lewis on his New York Times Article, “Lifting the Cone of Silence from Black Composer.” July 3, 2020. Some quotes from the article: “A cone of silence hangs over the work of Black composers from Africa and its diaspora. It is not that Black men and women… Continue reading

[FROM OUR ARCHIVE] TELLUS #7 cover by Peter Nagy

Great to see the Peter Nagy Exhibition at Jeffery Deitch Gallery and a review in Art News. Peter contributed the cover for TELLUS #7 – The Word featuring readings by Linda Fisher, Michael Peppe, Wiska Radiewicz, John Miller, Terry Wilson, Lynne Tillman, Victor Poison-Tete, Jean-Paul Curtay, Claire Picher, Patrick McGrath,… Continue reading