[FROM OUR ARCHIVE] Tower Hollers by Nadine Robinson

Nadine Robinson received the Harvestworks Artist In Residence Award in 2000 for the completion of the audio portion of an audio/painting installation project entitled Tower Hollers. About this sound installation, it has four 14-minute records, four turntables, 90 speakers, and acrylic on Canvas. Watch performance here The audio soundtrack is… Continue reading

It’s February 2021 News

More OLAP! Sun. Feb 14, 2021 3-5 pm NYC Time (21:00 in Central Europe) ZOOM IN: OLAP #3 With guest Sarah Weaver who will present recent work in Network Arts for large virtual ensemble and discuss technologies including JackTrip, SonoBus, and Vimeo Live. OLAP is an open forum about Online Live Art Performance. A partnership with Experimental Intermedia moderated by Katherine Liberovskaya and Harvestworks Director Carol… Continue reading

End of January News

Events this Weekend Sun. Jan. 31, 2021 3-5 pm NYC Time (21:00 in Central Europe) ZOOM IN: OLAP #2 featuring guests Jenny Pickett & Julien Ottavi of Asso Apo (APO-33) Nantes, France. An open forum about Online Live Art Performance. Moderated by Katherine Liberovskaya of Experimental Intermedia and Harvestworks Director Carol Parkinson. Jan. 29 – Feb. 3, 2021. Secret Garden by artist Stephanie Dinkins: On View: @ Sundance Festival… Continue reading

January 2021 News

Welcome 2021 with Online Events Sunday January 17th from 3 – 5 pm ZOOM IN: OLAP #1 with guests John King and Brandon Collwes who will share their experience conceiving and running Sonic Gatherings. Moderated by Katherine Liberovskaya of Experimental Intermedia and Harvestworks Director Carol Parkinson. An open forum about Online Live Art Performance. Foreign Correspondence 003 January 22 @ 9 pm curated by… Continue reading

Fall 2020 News

WebVersion with pictures! Weekend Outdoor Events https://qubitmusic.com Saturday Oct 31 Two performances: 11:15am-1:15pm and 3:15pm- 5 : 1 5 p m . Out/With/In is a day-long experience where the psychological disorientation of the pandemic is applied to instrumental and environmental sound, deliriously blurring the lines between audience and performer, concert… Continue reading

October 2020 News

Web Version with Pictures!   Upcoming Events Saturdays Sept. 26, and Oct 3, 10, 17 and 24 @ 3 pm. Join Us for Hey Neighbor, a series of one-on-one conversations between artists-in-residence on Governors Island live-streamed from the porches of Nolan Park. Featuring Harvestworks studio resident artists Katherine Bennett, Joseph… Continue reading

[Artists Studios] Governors Island 2020: Muyassar Kurdi

Brain Works: An interdisciplinary piece (for movement, viola, large-scale paintings, voice) centered on memory, visual rhythm, subtlety, and gravity while honoring the futuristic and the ancient. In Residence: August 1 – October 31 with a future performance on Governors Island in October TBA Building 10a Nolan Park Governors Island With access… Continue reading

[Artists Studios] Governors Island 2020: Valérie Hallier

Valérie Hallier’s: Scream Now Inspired by the French Medieval “crieur public”, ScreamNow is the first public screaming booth of an upcoming series. The artwork takes a fundamental yet repressed human expression to generate visuals. ScreamNow : Inside/Out reflects our current social distancing and deeply transformative times. The new set up expands in space… Continue reading

[Artists Studios] Governors Island 2020 – Joseph Morris and Alexandra Goldberg

At the Harvestworks residency on Governors Island, Alexandra Goldberg and Joseph Morris will collaborate to create new work that uses art and technology to make human phenomena visible.  By creating novel interactions with the body and technology, they’re working to explore themes of introspection, subjectivity, and connection between people and… Continue reading

[Artists Studios] Governors Island 2020: Katherine Bennett

Luciferins is an interactive environment of hanging fiber structures. As viewers move through the environment, the fiber structures illuminate with animations, showing network traffic. Manipulated field recordings play in a 7-channel system. Luciferins gives viewers a sense of the invisible network activity around them—just as a swimmer would make a… Continue reading